Becca Syme's Better Faster Academy. Stuck, blocked, or overwhelmed? Becca Syme holds a master’s degree in transformational leadership and has been a success coach (primarily utilizing the Gallup Strengthsfinder®) for over fifteen years. She’s coached over 5,000 individual authors and creatives through her Write Better-Faster and Strengths for Writers classes & coaching cohorts: six- and seven-figure authors, major award winners, midlisters, and new authors alike including Novel Publicity's CEO, NYT bestselling author Melissa Storm.

Jumpstart Facebook Ads for Authors. Whether you're just starting out or are hoping to refresh your knowledge and pick up some new tips, you simply can't beat the content (or the cost!) of this course. Matthew J. Holmes is incredibly generous with his knowledge--as well as with all the extras included to help authors implement his teachings with ease. Highly recommend for advertisers of all skill levels!

T. Taylor's Universal Fantasy Course. Hands down, the best course our CEO Melissa Storm has ever taken on any topic--both in terms of content and presentation. If you're serious about your writing craft, do NOT miss this one. Even after writing more than 100 books, Melissa still learned so much. We're pretty sure you will too! Save 10% with the code: bb10

Erin Wright Author Consulting. Are you an author whose books are wide, but you need help making your dreams a reality? Erin Wright has years of experience helping authors succeed outside the world of Kindle Unlimited. With expert insights on direct vs. distributor publishing, permafree vs. newsletter strategies, back matter optimization, cross-promotion, the 3 Bs of author marketing - BookBub, BookSprout, and BookFunnel - and so much more, you can't go wrong with her judgment-free advice. Use code mels to save 10% off your next consultation!

BookBub Ads Assistance. BookAds offers ‘done-for-you’ BookBub Ads management that is second to none. They have a dedicated graphics team for ad creatives and have worked with over 100 authors since the platform was launched. Their designs are often featured in BookBub’s very own blog as best practices. Just go to and click “Get a Quote.” Make sure you select BookBub Ads in the desired platform section!


Draft2Digital. D2D is our favorite eBook distribution service for oh-so-many reasons! They have a sleek, easy-to-use interface, excellent customer support, and a beautiful book designer with the option to prep your title for print, as well as digital. Definitely check them out if you need a one-stop publishing shop!

ScribeCount. If you're an author whose books are wide and you're tired of tracking down income for each book retailer, then you'll love ScribeCount! Having all the sales figures at my fingertips saves precious time, and the added features help me dive deep into the data to see what's doing well and where I can improve. The first 14 days are free, so head over to try it out!

Ream. If you're looking for a unique way to engage your readers between book releases, then give Ream a shot. As a platform built for authors, by authors, this new membership service is constantly evolving. Not sure where to start? Try offering early access to your next book while you write it. You'll be surprised by how many readers will happily sign up to follow along (yes, they'll even love your messy first drafts)!

BookFunnel. What is the best way to grow your newsletter numbers? A lead magnet! Giving away a free eBook (or eBooks) for subscribers is great in theory, but how do you do it? With Bookfunnel, duh! Their constant stream of innovations and group bundles make Bookfunnel the top service of its kind. We consider it an absolute MUST for authors.

Publisher Rocket. Publisher Rocket is a fantastic tool when it comes to creating a huge list of AMS ad keywords quickly and effectively. I wouldn't be able to run Amazon ads without them. The savings an author accrues over time is totally worth the expense of purchasing this software. Happy advertising!


Month of Sundays Patreon. Do you struggle to find content that keeps readers engaged but hasn't been seen by the rest of the internet? Are you in need of fresh ideas for your newsletter? Could you use grab-and-go graphics to save time and hassle when posting on social media networks? If you replied "yes" to any of these questions, then check out this Patreon from Becky Muth which provides authors with monthly content calendars, graphics, newsletter prompts, and more!

UpViral. Holy smokes, this giveaway platform is fantastic! It offers custom everything and multiple integrations for your website, newsletter, ad pixels, and more. Grow your list fast and meaningfully. There is no better way.

Gleam. Do you want to run a giveaway that commands attention? Gleam is a visually stunning platform that offers varying membership levels (including a free version), making it one of the most author-friendly giveaway services available. If you're looking for ways to grow your network while giving back to your readers, Gleam can help you.

MeetEdgar. We love MeetEdgar because it ensures nothing goes to waste, whether it's your gorgeous promo graphics to promote one of your backlist titles, or the time you spend importing them into the platform. This is our fave scheduling tool because it's easy and effective with a super low learning curve!


Thrive. Our #1 recommendation for authors is definitely Thrive; we use it as the core for all our websites. Whether you purchase the whole package or pick up a copy of Architect, you definitely can't go wrong. It's both easy to learn and use, so our authors feel comfortable updating their own sites whenever needed!

SiteGround. Looking for a fast, simple, and affordable web host? Then look no further than SiteGround! We like SiteGround because their dashboard is easy to use, their costs are low, and you can easily host everything you need all in one place. They also have better support than the other budget host options.

MyBookTable. This is a great DIY option for building out beautiful, functional book pages that are easy to shift around at your leisure. We also adore the My Book Progress widget for updating readers on your current WIPs!

Gravity Forms. Why have a simple contact form when you can have so much more? Gravity Forms does everything from newsletter integration to eCommerce, quizzes, polls, automation, and a million other things.

Pretty Links. Ever wonder how authors get their Amazon or iTunes links to display with their name in it rather than the default jumble of letters and numbers? Pretty Links is how. We recommend the slight upgrade to PRO for the added reporting and tracking features.


BookBrush. Create gorgeous 3D covers and marketing graphics for all your social media advertising needs. With over one million stock photos from which to choose, customizable text options and more, you'll love this new design tool made with authors in mind!

Canva. Ready to tell the world about your books? Believe us:  Presenting a consistent look and feel when communicating your new author brand is imperative. If you have a good eye for design, try using this free software to make your own graphics. We love the perks included with the pro version, but the free version offers so many benefits that many authors never feel the need to upgrade. Why stick to the same fonts everyone else is using? Make your branding stand out by adding gorgeous custom fonts! We love for its unbeatable prices and frequent package deals. Go and find your new fave font today!

Deposit Photos. Grabbing random photos from the web to use on your site is a huge no-no. That's why a stock photo plan is essential for authors. DepositPhotos offers the best deal. Grab some credit, and download to your heart's content, then modify in Canva or Photoshop to add a unique twist to your brand!