The Author Mindset

The Author Mindset
Series: Novel Publicity Guides to Writing & Marketing Fiction, Book 3
ASIN: B00RF192D8

Becoming an author is as simple as adjusting your mindset and modifying the skills you already have. Get the knowledge you need to achieve your dream today.

Do you feel as if your life’s purpose is to become an author and share the stories in your head with the rest of the great wide world? Do you long to write the next great American novel? You might already have a couple books under your belt, but want to take your productivity, talent, and marketing efforts to the next level. Maybe you’re just getting started as an author and feel lost in the multitude of tasks awaiting you. Or perhaps you’re stuck at square one, having no idea what to do, where to go, or even if you should be writing at all.

The Author Mindset is here to help!

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About the Book

In just a few short hours, you’ll learn the essentials required of the professional author. You’ll learn more than how to put words on the page; you’ll learn how to get into the mindset of an author and live there, carving out your niche in the literary world. With this guide, you will learn how to:

  1. Spot the difference between authors and everyone else
  2. Set specific and attainable goals for your career
  3. Work effectively with the time you have
  4. Improve your writing skills
  5. Create a professional product
  6. Leverage your author brand
  7. Build an author website
  8. Identify the DOs and DON’Ts of social media
  9. Become a part of the online author and reader community
  10. Get started as a professional author TODAY

We also offer exclusive freebies for readers of this book!


The Writer’s Meditation Video. When the world blows you over, I’m here—live and in-person, sort of—to help you weather the storm (It’s a play on words, get it?).

Author Inspiration Picture Pack. Ten pictures to help get you into the author mindset—and keep you there.

The Author Contract. So, here we are, doing the author thing, right? Well, here’s a contract to help keep you in line. No, not with me, but with your harshest critic—you. Print this out and sign it as part of your commitment to maintaining a positive and professional mindset.


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