Our Amazon ads program is for authors who want expert ads management at an affordable cost. Our specialists will handle your ads with care, allowing you to get back to writing without worry!

The revised program pricing for 2024 allows for greater flexibility and, for many authors, will also result in a reduced service cost. If you have any questions or would prefer a direct cost estimate from our team, please contact [email protected].

Are Amazon Ads a good fit for YOU?

If you can confidently agree to the following three statements, then YES, you are ready to run Amazon ads with our team:

  • My cover clearly meets genre expectations, and I have an optimized cover, blurb, and captivating sample.
  • I have a firm grasp on my genre/tropes and know 3-5 authors whose books are similar to what I want to advertise.
  • I know what I can afford to spend on a portfolio per month. If I am advertising a series, I know how to calculate read-through (including Kindle Unlimited when applicable).

PLEASE NOTE: The costs listed below are for our service only. They do not include your ads spend, which will be billed to you directly by Amazon.

NEW portfolio CREATION for The u.s. market
$200 per portfolio

  • Keyword research performed by the Novel Publicity team
  • Amazon product page review (conducted to identify and prevent any possible content issues)
  • One month of monitoring after setup
  • Detailed month-end report

PLEASE NOTE: For your first month working with Novel Publicity on Amazon ads, an additional $100 fee will be applied. This includes added research and a 60-minute "Getting Started" call to connect with our Amazon ads team and discuss strategy.


Our new client orientation covers a few important items we need in order to begin working on Amazon ads together, such as establishing access to your ads dashboard, a 60-minute video call to discuss workflow and strategy, and added market and brand research performed by our team.

*You will only ever be charged this fee once.

$100 PER portfolio

  • Continued monitoring and optimization of existing portfolios set up by our team
  • Detailed month-end report

$300 per portfolio

Because ads run outside of the United States require additional market research as well as the added the work of converting currencies for reporting purposes, portfolios run in Amazon storefronts outside of the U.S. have an added set-up cost. 

*The continued monitoring of these portfolios once established does not differ from that of U.S. portfolios.


Please contact us for special pricing options if you plan to run 10 or more simultaneous portfolios: [email protected]

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