Whether you’re looking to completely delegate your Amazon ads and thus think about them as little as possible, or you’d like to work closely with our team to learn more about the platform’s best practices, (or perhaps you fall somewhere in between) Novel Publicity’s Amazon Ads Specialists are ready to meet your unique needs.

We understand that each author is different when it comes to factors such as allocated budget, size of backlist, and desired frequency of communication. That’s why our ads program is now tracked hourly—to give you the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.

The cost to begin working with our team is $500, the equivalent of 10 hours. We’ve provided some examples below of how that time is most frequently used, and what kinds of decisions will impact how far your initial payment will take you.

*Our services do not include the cost of the ads themselves, which will be billed directly to you via Facebook and/or Amazon.

Not quite ready to hire out ads management? 

Book a personalized ads audit or training call with our team (starting at just $50).


This author wants to know that their ads are being expertly managed and doesn’t want to have to think about it much more than that. They connect with our team for a one-hour orientation call, provide information about the books they'd like to advertise, and that's it. We take care of the rest behind-the-scenes. After a month, they receive a detailed report from our team, sharing performance metrics along with added insights and suggestions for their ads going forward.


This author sees hiring an ads manager as an opportunity to learn, and prefers to be intimately involved with the decision-making process while also freely asking questions to gain better insight and clarification of the Amazon ads platform. After providing information on the books they'd like to advertise, they work closely with their Amazon Ads Specialist, either via email or video call. At the end of one month, they receive a detailed report from our team, and may request additional guidance to keep their ads performing at their best.


This author falls somewhere in between. Maybe they'd like someone to set up their ads and get them running, but would also like to schedule a call mid-month to see how the ads are performing. Maybe they'd prefer to have a specialist guide them through setting the ads up themselves, then have a little help evaluating their performance. The author calls the shots, and we're here to help make it happen. 


For the Hands-Off Author, this initial payment will likely cover two months of Amazon ads management for a single portfolio, with the bulk of time being spent on the first month of service.

For the Collaborative Author, that same $500 payment will likely cover one full month of Amazon ads management for a single portfolio–although a little time may be left over afterward.

Of course, this varies from author to author.


At the end of this first month of service, every author will receive a report of how many hours have been spent managing their ads and on what types of tasks.

They will then be given the option to either continue working with us on Amazon ads or to cease service. No refunds will be offered for unused time; however, any remaining hours can be used to book additional strategy and training calls or to explore Novel Publicity's other services, such as Facebook ads, marketing, or design.


Once established as a Novel Publicity client, you'll have the option to purchase your hours at a bulk discounted rate. We have three pricing options that include:

  • 10 hours for $500 ($50/hour)
  • 20 hours for $850 ($42.50/hour)
  • 50 hours for $1,900 ($38/hour)

Established clients can also mix and match, using some hours for our Amazon Ads services and some for our marketing services.

*Our 20-hour and 50-hour packages are not available to authors working with us for the first time, but will become available upon renewal.


  • An end-of-month report detailing key performance metrics along with added insights and suggestions from our team. This report will also include a summary of time spent on your account the previous month and an update as to how many hours you have remaining from your most recent payment.
  • Email access to your ads specialist for questions or to discuss your ads strategy.
  • Behind-the-scenes ads maintenance and adjustment in accordance with best practices and to optimize your desired budget.
  • Keyword research and product page feedback for all books being advertised by our team (this includes a review of your book description, cover, A+ content, editorial reviews, and more).

Authors who are new to Novel Publicity’s Amazon Ads program will also receive an orientation call to establish account access, introduce our approach to Amazon ads management, answer questions, and troubleshoot any issues.


  • You may choose to begin service on either the 1st of the month or the 15th.
  • You may choose to advertise additional books, either in the US or any of Amazon’s international marketplaces.
  • You may choose to receive an additional mid-month report on the status of your ads.
  • You choose how frequently you’d like to interact with your Ads Specialist. This includes whether you would like to book additional video calls or to communicate more regularly via email, either to learn best practices about the ads platform with the goal of taking over the ads yourself or to more intimately understand the recommendations of our team. This is not a decision you need to make up front, rather it’s a choice you can make along the way as your preferences or goals change.