About Mallory

Mallory Rock is an avid reader who enjoys books across many genres, although her most fervent love is for dystopian and fantasy novels. She often reads a book per day, whether or not her schedule allows for it—she’ll make time one way or another. Her greatest pleasure, though, is in combining her love of literary works with her artistic skills to help authors bring their works to life. Her specialties are cover design, interior graphics, print formatting, cinematic book trailers, custom world maps, web graphics, and promotional materials, but she’s never one to back away from a new challenge. In fact, bring it on! Learn more or connect with her via www.MalloryRock.com or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube.


Mallory Rock ranks among the best graphic designers in the business. Her cover design for my Civil War historical fiction novel, Touched with Fire, is the perfect promotional tool, working well for the paperback as well as the thumbnail e-book editions of my story. That Touched with Fire has sold over 10,000 copies and still counting has much to do with the eye appeal of her cover design. I have now published a second novel, and again her outstanding cover design is helping to sell the book. I have more books in the works, and I would not dream of using anyone else to create my covers. You cannot do better than Mallory; the return on investment makes it worth every penny you pay her.
Christopher Datta
Mallory Rock is a talented designer who took my ideas and created wonderful bookmarks and magnets for me. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a graphic designer.
Rachel Thompson

Let me just say, I have worked with other cover artists but never one that listened so well to what I wanted. When I received my sample cover from Mallory, I was shocked by how spot on it was. I couldn’t believe that it was that easy. And because it seemed too easy, I asked her to make some changes thinking there must be some way to improve upon it. She graciously made those tweaks, only to have me ask her to UNDO almost all of them! She just did it right the first time.

I’m a fan, and I recommend her every chance I get. From this point forward, Mallory Rock is my go to cover artist.

Robyn Roze

Mallory Rock
Art Director




Book covers, interior graphics, layout & formatting, cinematic book trailers, custom world maps, web graphics, promotional materials, and more


  • Winner of the Gold Global eBook Award for the 2014 Best of Book Trailers category
  • Winner of the Gold Star Award for the June 2014 eBook Cover Design Awards
  • Winner of the Gold Star Award for the March 2014 eBook Cover Design Awards
  • Winner of the Gold Star Award for the February 2014 eBook Cover Design Awards