About Jasmine

From the time she picked up her first book at the age of three, Jasmine has always been a lover of words. 

Growing up, Jasmine used the words in books to discover new worlds and escape reality. As a student, she was a huge fan of English class and discovered her love of writing as well. Penning poems, short stories, and fan fiction became a hobby, and her love of words grew.

Jasmine now uses her fascination with words and the skills she learned from many wonderful teachers to edit and proofread stories, helping authors make their books shine.

My ideal client is someone who is proud of what they've written, but still open to constructive criticism (if needed) and making changes where needed. Someone I can work with again and again to help them grow and learn as a writer, especially if they're new, and help them make their book the best it can be. 

Jasmine Bryner
Proofreader & Marketing Assistant


Proofreading, beta reading, editing, critiquing, transcription, proof-listening


Credentials include being a member of her high school's creative writing club, beta reading for fan fiction writers, proofreading and editing for fan fiction writers (including a high school English teacher), proofreading and editing for various self-published authors.