About Bokerah

Bokerah Brumley began her forever-after love-affair with words as a first-grader with horrible penmanship. She’s been a published author since 2015. As a marketing manager, she loves problem-solving, encouraging authors through the highs/lows of the author business, and coaching newer authors on social media and newsletter set up. When she isn’t working or writing, she’s a multi-creature farm mistress with a goat herd following close behind.

Bokerah Brumely
Marketing Manager

Genre Focus

UF, Paranormal, Speculative


Author marketing procedures, helping newly marketing authors figure out what to do next, problem solving, and being a sounding board for those stuck in a rut. “If I don’t know the answer, I know how to find someone who does!”


  • Worked for three years as an author assistant for an indie author
  • worked for a small press for two years—teaching their new authors how to go about setting up social media, and worked in the slush piles of publishing houses and agents.