About Becky

Becky Muth is a coffee addict who lives along the South Carolina coast with her husband and their adult sons. When she isn't working or writing, Becky enjoys reading, crafting, and binge-watching Netflix with her golden retriever. Learn more on her website: www.beckymuth.com.

I love helping authors maximize how they use social media so they can increase their following and strengthen their brand. Although my favorite genres to read are mystery and romance, I look at each author as an individual first and enjoy the challenge of helping them find new ways to connect with their followers and turn new-to-them readers into loyal fans.

Becky Muth is brilliant. She’s taken my online author presence to levels I hadn’t imagined, with her expert, beautifully crafted graphics, her ability to envision effective social media strategies, and her dedication to me as a client. Her business-savvy mind constantly comes up with new and better ideas for all aspects of my writing life, from outlines for my monthly newsletters to potential freebies to gift new readers to ways to engage with my fans that keep them coming back for more. I thought I had a little knowledge, but it’s nothing on Becky’s, and I’m forever indebted to how she’s helped me grow – as an author and as a marketer.
USA Today Bestselling Author and RITA™ Award Finalist Margaret Locke

Becky Muth
Social Media Director


Social Media Evaluations, (Planning, Scheduling, and Events), Author Branding, Graphic Design, Blogging, Copywriting, Video & Audio Transcription, Amazon A+ Content, Newsletters, and Customer Service


An Outside-the-Box Creative Mindset, Flexibility, and Endless Amounts of Optimism and Joy


Freelance writer & transcriptionist
Awards for short fiction and audiobooks