When we hear that something is A+, it immediately brings to mind good things. In school, we strove for A+ grades because they were the best. Food graders give an A to products of superior quality.

If someone offered you a way to add A+ content that helps get more eyes on your books, you'd do it, right? Yes, you would!

Here at Novel Publicity, we've answered a lot of authors' questions regarding A+ content for their books published through Amazon. You'll find a list of the more frequent questions answered below.

1. What Is A+ Content?

Amazon A+ content is bonus content on your book's sales page. It's located in the “From the Publisher” section. A+ content can choose images, text, or a mix of both. While this content was originally limited to certain products and trad publishers, it's now available to everyone.

2. Why Use A+ Content?

A+ content makes your books stand out to readers as they're scrolling from the top of your ook's Amazon page down to the reviews. It also allows you to share more about your book's story without overburdening the reader with a lengthy description.

3. Which Amazon Markets Use A+ Content?

Almost all Amazon markets accept A+ content. If you add it to your book's Amazon US page, once Amazon approves the content it will automatically carry over to the other English-speaking Amazon marketplaces, like the UK and Canada. Readers will see the A+ content based on their language settings and preferences.

4. Can I Add A+ Content to Preorders?

Yes, you can! Books in both preorder and live status are eligible for A+ content. Amazon will not allow A+ content to be added to a book that is not published, however. In other words, the preorder page must be live for it to be eligible for A+ content.

5. Do I Need Different A+ Content for Each Book In a Series?

That's entirely up to you! You can have unique A+ content for each book in a series, or you can have one set of content that features all books in the series. 

The benefit of having A+ content across an entire series is that if readers are introduced to a title that's midway into your series, they'll have the option to start at the beginning.

Are You Ready for A+ Content?

Are you ready to add A+ content to your books published through Amazon? Maybe you started to add it but got stuck along the way, or you're not sure if what you uploaded is serving its purpose.

A+ content is just one of the many services offered by Novel Publicity's marketing team. If you have questions, let's schedule a marketing call today! We can discuss everything you need to know before adding this high-powered content to your book's Amazon page.

And if you're ready to get started, then the Novel Publicity team is ready to provide you with A+ content that will help make your books shine.

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