Vellum is a computer software program that helps format the interior of your books. It's popular among self-published authors due to its wide range of capabilities. The software can turn your MS Word Doc into an e-book or the interior for a hardback or paperback book, and you can use these files for any retailer. 

And if you have a series and want to bundle it into a boxed set for your readers, Vellum can help you do that, too. The software offers a number of styles to give your self-published books the high-quality look of bestselling traditionally-published novels.

You might be wondering if the Vellum software has any drawbacks. The answer, unfortunately, is yes. In addition to its high price tag—at least $199—some authors experience a higher learning curve than others. If you're looking for something quick and easy, Vellum might not be for you.

What Are the Alternatives to Vellum?

So what are some Vellum alternatives? The options are many, but here are three of the more popular ones.

  1. Draft2Digital (D2D) distributes books to a vast number of retailers. It also offers a book conversion service that transforms your MS Word document into a book file that you can distribute to the various retailers yourself.

    The conversion service is free, even if you don't have D2D distribute books on your behalf. Once you upload your file, however, there's no way to edit it. If you find a typo after the fact, then you'll have to start the process over again.
  2. Affinity Publisher is publishing software that works on both Windows and Mac computers. If you don't have the budget for high-priced programs, then you'll be happy to learn that you can get Affinity for a one-time fee of around $25 USD.

    You might be wondering if Affinity sounds too good to be true. This might be the case for some authors, which is why we recommend taking advantage of the free trial.
  3. Adobe InDesign is a monthly subscription-based software used to format materials for publishing both online and in print. Its layouts lend themselves to both hobby and career authors who want professional-looking interior formatting for their books.

    One drawback is the monthly subscription fee. Another is that (at the time of this article being written) you can only export files as PDFs or EPUBs. If you need to export your book as a MOBI or other type of file, then you'll have to use some other software to convert it.

Can One Size Fit All?

When it comes to formatting your self-published books, there's no such thing as one size fits all. In other words, there's no one program that will fit the needs of all authors. What works for you will depend on two primary things—your ability to use the software and your budget.

If you're ready to have your book formatted (or re-formatted, as the case sometimes is), then you can always reach out to the Novel Publicity marketing team. Formatting is one of the many services we offer to authors like yourself. You can learn more at

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