You might be asking yourself, Is it ever too early to prepare for holiday promotions? If retailers begin stringing festive light displays and piping cheery music for the ho-ho-holidays before Labor Day, then you should absolutely begin preparing for any upcoming festivities. 

This article will guide you through the steps for how to fill your social media accounts with relevant, engaging content. No matter which social media network you use or how many followers you have, the end result is the same. Your social media should help you build a relationship of trust with readers. 

After all, readers are more likely to buy books from authors who they trust. With that in mind, let's get started!

Make a List and Check It Twice

Having a social media calendar is imperative for planning ahead. You can use a planner, a printed calendar that you purchase, or you can print a blank calendar page. If you're planning out your social media over the next three months, you can search Google Images for something like Q4 calendar 2021 single page and print it using your home printer.

After you know what type of calendar you're using, whether it's a weekly planner or having all three months for the quarter on a single page, it's time to start planning. 

The first thing to fill in on your calendar is any holidays you plan to celebrate. Here are ten of the most popular holidays during the third quarter of the year:

  1. Halloween
  2. Veterans Day
  3. Thanksgiving
  4. Black Friday
  5. Cyber Monday
  6. Hannukah
  7. Winter Solstice
  8. Christmas
  9. Kwanzaa
  10. New Year's Eve

And don't forget odd holidays. October 27th is Tell a Story Day, November 1st is National Author's Day, and December 7th is National Letter Writing Day. You can find full lists of these special days at places like the National Day Calendar website which has a holiday for practically every day of the year!

Next, add any upcoming book promotions to your calendar. This could include anything from a group BookFunnel promo to a new book release to special holiday pricing, or anything else. The last thing you'll add is filler content like quotes, engaging questions, and fun and games posts.

What Happens Next?

Now that your calendar is finished, you can start creating posts (Canva makes it super easy, and it's free!), collecting memes, and making a list of curated articles to share. If you've printed your calendar on actual paper, use a highlighter to fill in the days as you pre-schedule them to avoid missing anything important.

If all of this sounds good but you aren't sure where to start, the Novel Publicity team excels in this area of marketing for authors. From creating a plan to help you manage your own social media accounts to complete management—or anything in between, you're in good hands.

The combined skills of the Novel Publicity team covers Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. If you need to spend less time on social media so you have more time to finish writing your book, contact Novel Publicity to arrange a marketing call to discuss all your social media needs.

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