Most authors publish an ebook, and for many, that's where their publishing journey ends. They never take the steps of publishing audio or print versions of their books. This is unfortunate, as those authors could be missing out on some of the benefits of having their books in paperback and hardback formats.

Although audiobooks are a topic for a different blog post, there is a strong argument for publishing print versions of your books. We've outlined three major reasons below.

1. The print prices help make the lower cost of an e-book more appealing to budget readers.

The price of a paperback or hardback can take a big hit to a restrictive book budget. When listed side-by-side with an e-book version, however, it makes the e-book price point that much more appealing. The lower a reader's budget, the more likely they are to buy the e-book—especially if there's a higher-priced print book listed next to it.

Let's face it. If a reader has $5 to spend on their new favorite author's book and has the choice between a $12.99 paperback or a 99¢ e-book, most of them will choose the e-book. Did the reader buy the print book? No, but the author made the sale all the same.

2. Print versions allow you to choose paperback, hardback, large print, and other formats.

KDP, IngramSpark, and LuLu all allow self-published authors to provide readers with multiple formats of their book including paperback, hardback, and large print, to name the most popular. 

Print books are more durable than e-books. Paperbacks, for example, are highly portable as well. While large print is often associated with the elderly, these books can benefit visually impaired readers of all ages.

3. Some readers will only buy paperback versions of your books.

Despite living in a digital age—or perhaps in spite of it—some readers will only buy paperback versions of your book. They revel in having an actual book to hold in their hands. Before reading, they crack the spine and take a deep whiff of those freshly printed-on-demand pages.

For these bookworms, reading is a kind of ritual. They'll argue to their last breath on the topic of dog-earring pages versus using a bookmark, and the latter will use anything to hold their page. By providing print copies of your books, you're giving readers the opportunity to add your books to their personal libraries, which is a compliment of the highest regard.

In Closing

Giving your readers the chance to read print versions of your books benefits them as well. An article published by Mental Floss lists some of these perks as a higher level of reading enjoyment, the potential for higher academic achievement, and a better chance of absorbing the words on the page.

Do you need help formatting your books for print? Novel Publicity can help with that! Although we cannot publish the book for you, we can help get you closer to publishing it yourself. Send a message at today so we can discuss your publishing needs.

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