Is your website in need of a makeover? Most authors, when asked this question, reply with something like…

  • Does it need a makeover?
  • Why would it need a makeover?
  • How do I know if it needs a makeover?

And those are all very good questions. Nobody would put the time, effort, and budget toward making over a perfectly functional website that provided readers with an enjoyable, interactive experience.

5 Ways to Know if Your Website Needs a Makeover

Before we go any further, here are seven ways to tell if your website needs a makeover. As you read through, think about your website and assign a number between 1-10 to each way, with 1 being “Does not apply” and 10 being “Uh-oh, this totally sounds like my website!”

  1. Your website looks like everyone else's website.
    This happens when authors use a popular template as-is without any modification. Another way this happens is when authors hire discount web designers who use the same basic template for everyone. When hiring a web designer, vet them the same way you would a book cover designer or editor.
  2. Your website attracts people who don't read (or buy) books.
    If your website looks like it advertises anything other than books—or doesn't advertise anything at all—then, chances are, you won't attract people who may be interested in your books. 
  3. Your website uses outdated tools.
    Do you remember the early days of websites? Back when everyone exclusively used a font called Comic Sans and nobody knew where the music was coming from or how to turn it off? If your website resembles anything like this, then it needs an update.
  4. Your website is not mobile-friendly.
    Have you ever opened your website on your phone's web browser? If not, go ahead and try it. If it worked as intended, then you had a pleasant experience. But if you met with one frustration after another, imagine how your readers feel when visiting your site on their mobile devices.
  1. Your website takes forever to load.
    There's nothing more annoying than trying to visit a website and have the spinning circle become stuck in an unending loop. Updating your website can prevent your readers from experiencing this kind of frustration.

Other Things Your Site Needs

Your author website needs a few basic things including…

  • Home page – this should have information about your most recent book
  • About page – with an updated author bio and recent headshot
  • Books page – including information about your books, and you can create a sub-menu for series pages as well if you've been prolific and have a lot of titles to your name, or for various formats of your books like audiobooks, print editions, or translations
  • Contact page – with social media buttons and a form that allows readers to contact you directly from the webpage

Look at these elements of your site through the eyes of a reader. Compare your site to other authors' sites and take stock of what you like and dislike about them. Ask your readers what their most and least favorite parts of your website are. An overwhelming number of comments leaning one way or the other can be as telling as reviews of your books.
And if you need assistance, you can always arrange a marketing call with a Novel Publicity PA services team member. The benefit of having an entire team at your disposal is that it increases the chance that someone on the team will have the knowledge to help meet your website (or other marketing) goals!

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