BookBub is a free service that helps readers discover books in a variety of ways. These ways include, but are in no way limited to limited-time sales, recommendations from mutual friends, and updates from their favorite authors.

Some authors ask why they should bother with BookBub. When you consider that ten million readers use the service, why wouldn't you use it? These readers constantly turn to BookBub when looking for the next thing to add to their TBR list.

And you can be sure that readers who love books in the genre you write are among them. Besides introducing your books to millions of bookworms, here are some other benefits that BookBub offers to authors.

1. BookBub Featured Deals

Perhaps the most coveted of all BookBub services for authors is the featured deal. BookBub sends daily newsletters to millions of active subscribers. Authors can apply for a spot in these newsletters, and the exposure can drive sales beyond expectations.

2. Featured New Releases

Each week BookBub sends subscribers a list of new releases. Authors can submit their books to claim one of these coveted spots. There is a fee for the service if you're selected, but most authors more than recoup the cost from the bump in sales.

3. Run Retailer-Specific Ads

Unlike some other places where you can run ads for your books, BookBub allows you to target readers who use a specific retailer. If you need more Barnes and Noble sales to hit a list, for example, then BookBub ads might help you reach that goal.

4. Run Ads for a Wider Range of Content Types

A BookBub featured deal requires that the book meet specific requirements. It cannot, for example, be a novella or a multi-author boxed set. You can set up BookBub ads for these other types of content—including short stories!

5. Connect with Readers

But the most important benefit of BookBub for authors is that it's a great place to connect with readers. You can review and recommend books by your favorite authors. When readers see you doing this, it encourages them to follow suit.

Be sure you've completed your author profile. Use the back matter of your books and social media to remind readers to follow you on BookBub. And if you have at least 1k followers you can set up pre-order alerts that BookBub will send out to all of your followers for free!

If you haven't reached 1k followers, then you might consider joining a LitRing promo to help attain that goal. Head over to the authors' page on the LitRing website now for all the details about upcoming author group promos!

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