If you're asking yourself if your books should be in audio as well as print and e-book formats, then the answer is yes!

According to an article from the Audio Publishers Association, “Based on information from responding publishers, U.S. audiobook sales in 2019 totaled 1.2 billion dollars, up 16% from the previous year, with a corresponding increase in units.”

It's not a trend. This is the eighth year in a row of increased audiobook sales. Audiobooks are a billion dollar industry, and as an author, you deserve a piece of that pie. Not putting your books in audio could be a huge mistake.

Benefits of Having Your Books in Audio

Creating audiobooks does take work, and you may have to learn different marketing techniques. But you can be sure that the benefits outweigh those learning curves.

  1. Earn More Money – As stated above, audiobooks are a lucrative business. If you go through a company like ACX, production costs can be extremely low. Less production costs means more profits!

    And if you take advantage of the ACX Bounty Referral Program, you can earn a tidy sum each time a new Audible listener becomes a member.
  2. Reach Different Readers – Readers who prefer audiobooks aren't likely to find your books at retailers that focus on e-books and paperbacks or at brick-and-mortar bookstores.

    These readers will go straight to audiobook retailers. If your books are there, then you're making it that much easier for readers to find them.
  3. Audiobooks Are Always In Stock – There's nothing more frustrating than going to your favorite bookstore to find that the book you want is out of stock.

    But like e-books, audiobooks are always in stock! If a celebrity recommends your book and 500k readers want to buy it, it's no problem. Countless digital copies are ready for readers to download at any time.

Why Readers Love Audiobooks

You may be wondering why readers love audiobooks enough to choose them over paperbacks and e-books. There are a few different reasons. Here are a few of the most popular ones.

  • Audiobooks are portable. Readers can listen right from their phones. Because today's readers usually have their phone at close range, they can pick up listening where they left off wherever they are–even while driving!
  • Audiobooks allow you to multi-task. Readers can listen to their audiobooks while working out, walking the dog, folding socks, gardening, cooking, crafting, or anything else. That's the joy of hands-free reading/listening.
  • Audiobooks make you smarter. According to an article from Chirp, listening to audiobooks helps improve your reading comprehension, increases your vocabulary, and gives you a better mental picture of the plot as you listen to the story.

As with creating e-books and paperbacks, producing an audiobook takes a village. You'll have to have the e-book or print cover converted for audiobook, find a narrator and a proofreader, and then market your book to readers.
Fortunately, our team can help you with many areas of audiobook production! Check out the Novel Publicity PA Services now and let us know where we can best help you meet your audiobook publishing goals.

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