LitRing recently polled its readers to find out what they want most from author newsletters. What do you think that one thing is? If you said “giveaways and free stuff,” then you're wrong.

Here are the top five things ranging from least to most.

5. Pets

People who love animals are usually people you can trust. When you show readers your pets—or discuss the pets in your book with them—then you're showing them that they can trust you. When people trust someone, then it's easier for them to like the person. Readers are more likely to buy books from authors they like and trust.

4. Works In Progress (WIP)

Your readers want to know what's next. They love your book and want to read that next installment of your series that they're addicted to or your next standalone book that they'll binge past their bedtime. So, give them progress updates and perhaps an occasional teaser scene, too!

3. Contests

Competition is a great motivator, but every contest you hold doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg in prizes and promotions. Here are some budget-friendly prizes that get big reactions from bookworms:

  • Name a character in one of your future books (human, animal, paranormal creature, alien, zombie, they're not picky!)
  • E-books that you safely distribute through a service like BookFunnel
  • Printable content like bookmarks, reading guides, or word searches and crossword puzzles
  • A walk-on role in your next book, and if possible send them a signed paperback when it becomes available
  • Gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, or any other online retailer
    • PRO TIP – These gift cards can be as low as $5 to $10. Readers appreciate prizes of all shapes and sizes.

2. Daily Life

The pandemic affected people in different ways, but one of the strongest messages was to check in on those you care about. Share snippets of your daily life with your readers. Link to a post on your social media where they can let you know what's happening in their lives, too. Readers want you to know about them, so be sure to reply to emails and like their social media comments to show them that you see them and are paying attention.

1. Upcoming Releases

At the end of the day, your readers want to read your next book. Be clear about the release date and upfront about any changes so they can plan and adjust their reading schedule accordingly.
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