Newsletters are one of the best direct connections you have with your readers because they choose to subscribe to your list. It is only natural that you would want them to give them content that makes them excited to open the newsletter to read what's inside.

When you send a newsletter, you never know whether readers are actually reading it or just opening it to clear it from their inbox. You've tried everything you can think of, but those click-rates just aren't budging. If this sounds familiar, then it's time to call in resources.

Branding Your Newsletter

One thing that can help readers get excited about your newsletters is when they see your branding. The Novel Publicity team can not only help you write, design, and send newsletters, but they can also create visually appealing branding and graphics to help encourage readers to both open and read your newsletters.

Automate Your Welcome Sequence—or Any Other Sequence

Automating your newsletter sequences saves valuable time that you could spend writing, editing, or marketing your books. Examples of automation sequences include but are not limited to the following:

  • Welcome new subscribers – An introductory automation ensures that new subscribers get all the information they need after they subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Backlist books – Take new readers through a tour of your backlist books so that they get a fresh review of earlier books they may have missed reading the first time around.
  • Teasers and exclusive sneak peeks of your book leading up to a pre-order – Amazon now allows indie authors to create long pre-orders. What better way to build hype than with newsletter automation?
  • A serial that you publish (in part or full) through your newsletter – Keep readers subscribed by serializing a longer short story or novella. Send it out in weekly sections that keep readers glued to their email inboxed to see what happens next.
  • ARC team – Do you need help managing an ARC team? You're in luck because anyone who's watched Melissa Storm's Your Author Engine Newsletter Strategy course knows that she is the queen of automation—and the same team who help with Melissa's newsletters can help with yours, too!

    Bonus Tip – You can get a taste of this course in the Quick Tips Engine on that same Teachable site.

Why It's Important to Scrub Your List

Scrubbing your list removes people who aren't opening your newsletters. Removing them could add money back into your budget if you're paying a newsletter provider at a per-subscriber rate. Another benefit of scrubbing your list is that it gives you a more accurate open rate, which should increase without the dead weight.

Ready to Wow Your Readers with Your Next Newsletter?

You're still reading, which means there's a chance that some part of this article resonates with you. If you have any questions, let us know, and we can chat—no strings attached. And if you're ready to one-click on Novel Publicity's services, then we're prepared to get started!

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