Some of the best things about being a writer include seeing your books in print, watching fans' eyes light up when you sign their books, and reading those unbiased 5-star reviews from bookworms who have never met you in person.

Regardless of what genre you write or how many books you have published, however, there is one area that authors collectively dread, and that's taxes. How many times have you reached the end of the year only to wonder how much you earned from book sales, what you spent, and which items count as write-offs? And did you make more than you spent?

Use Tools Within Your Comfort Zone

Novel Publicity's bookkeeping service can help you create a plan that keeps everything straight. Whether you have accounting software you love or need help finding the perfect tool to keep you on track, we can help you find the program(s) that best fit your lifestyle.

Whether you're a techie who needs an app that's accessible from all your various devices, or you prefer keeping track of profits & loss in a planner with stickers and gel pens, we can help you find what works inside your comfort zone without breaking the bank.

Documentation Is Everything

Keeping track of author-related expenses for tax purposes is easy when you make it a daily habit. Once you have the tools in place, we can help you create a plan to document your expenses, track royalties, and stay within your budget. And who doesn't need help staying within their budget? 

Besides, think of how happy your tax person will be when they get a year's worth of information on an organized spreadsheet versus in a shoebox full of receipts—especially if you're responsible for doing your business taxes. (Ask us how we know…) As a bonus, we'll help you create categories you'll need to claim those much-needed deductions.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Bookkeeping for 2021?

Keeping track of your income and expenses doesn't have to be something you do at the last minute during tax season. If you're ready to kick chaos to the curb and say yes to a more organized bookkeeping system, then let us know, and we can discuss all the ways that Novel Publicity's PA service can help.

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