If you’re an author on social media, then you have a brand. You might be wondering how that happened, but you gave birth to your brand the minute you decided to open your first social media account be it a Facebook page, series of Pinterest boards, or YouTube channel.

Your author brand is so much more than a single item, such as an image or color. In fact, your brand is anything and everything that identifies your authorship. The sooner you take control of your brand, the sooner readers will start recognizing you.

Designing Your Author Branding Kit

Regardless of whether you’re a brand new author, have a new pen name, or are an established author with a stale backlist, creating your branding kit is an easy process that you can complete in an afternoon.

The Quick Tips course in Melissa Storm’s Your Author Engine offers advice to help you put together a clear, consistent, and beautiful brand. In the short video, Melissa recommends having the following items:

  1. Colors – Aim to have two dark colors, two light colors, and one bright color that accents the other two. A good place to play around with a color palette is https://www.coolors.co.
  2. Fonts – Select one fancy font, which could be decorative or script, and one plain one like serif or san serif. Check out Google Fonts for some options. Regardless of where you get your fonts, make sure they have a commercial license. The person who designs your book covers is a great resource as well.
  3. Images – You’ll want a few stock images with commercial licenses to help with your brand. Melissa recommends overlaying your brand colors over the photos for a cohesive look and feel.

Check out the Quick Tip Engine for Free

Do you want additional tips and helpful advice with no strings attached? If so, then head over to Your Author Engine where you can check out the Quick Tip Engine for free. These bite-sized lessons offer an exclusive look into the most popular courses among authors just like you. Head over now to check it out! (https://your-author-engine.teachable.com/p/the-quick-tip-engine)

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