From Guest Blogger Ellen Royce| Sharp writing skills come from continuous practicing and commitment. Nobody is born an excellent writer but with hard work and determination, anybody can turn out to be a great writer. There are many reasons for wanting to improve your writing skills. One of the main reasons is because one is not a full-time writer and he is looking for ways to sharpen his writing skills.

Learn Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Essentials

Now that you are involved in other activities and you are only able to write for a short time, you may tend to forget details in punctuation, speech and others skills. Improving those basics can make you writing excellent. You may break rules every time but you must, first of all, know the rules.
There are various websites with online grammar lessons and dictionaries which offer many punctuation, spelling and grammar essentials guidelines and tips.
Once you understand the grammar essentials, you will never need to keep wondering if you are writing a word as a preposition (you will automatically know if it belongs or not).

Write Everyday

It is crucial to write something each day if you are looking to sharpen your writing skills. Writing daily will eventually become natural for you. You can never succeed if you do not set goals of becoming an excellent writer. You can never write good content if you do not practice.

Have Someone Who Can Review Your Writing

If you have a friend who is an experienced writer, ask them to check your work. Having someone to review your writing helps to come up with more ideas of how to perfect your work. Also, when someone reads your writing he or she is able to identify errors that you yourself could not notice.

Treat Your Writing as a Serious Job

The fact that you are a part-time writer does not mean that you should treat writing as a less serious task. Whether you are working on a blog, a sales article, an e-mail for readers or any other task, take your writing seriously.
Your professionalism is what will determine if readers will appreciate your work or not. Approach your writing the same way you approach your full-time job and concentrate on giving the best.

Read Content of All Kinds

To become an excellent author, one must read other people’s writing and when doing so one must pay attention to how they craft paragraphs, sentences, and phrases. Reading more enables one to acquire techniques and skills that will sharpen his writing. Reading more also introduces writers to a variety of writing styles and they will eventually know how to get their own voice.

Online Courses

To perfect your writing skills you should also consider taking online writing courses. Even a short course can give you a concrete foundation in punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Additionally, you can receive feedback on your work from the tutor and can interact with other writers who want to improve their writing skills.


Those are the main tips on how to keep your writing skills sharp while you are a part-time writer. With these, you might even outshine the full-time writers.

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