A guest post by Sierra Delarosa | Want to attract a loyal group of readers? Then it’s important to vanquish writer’s block and produce new material. If readers start to suspect that the second book in your trilogy simply isn’t emerging anytime soon, they may lose interest and shift their focus to other authors.

So, how can you write prolifically without burning out? Take inspiration from the famous authors in Global English Editing's infographic! These twenty authors developed consistent writing routines that worked for them.

You likely have to balance your writing with other demands on your time. That’s fine. As you’ll see below, many successful authors published books even while employed full-time. John Grisham, for example, wrote regularly despite his day job as a lawyer. He woke at 5:30 in the morning and systematically drafted a page every day—which added up to a lot over time!

Benjamin Franklin also began his day early, as one might expect given that he was famously quoted as saying, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Franklin’s well-organized and regimented routine helped him produce an autobiography, plus 37 additional volumes.

By designating a certain time every day for writing (and holding yourself to it), you ensure that you make steady progress on your work. Even if you’re feeling sluggish or have an off day, you can still read through and edit your draft—that’s what novelist Jodi Picoult does; she decides on a time to sit and write, or at least edit, every day, which has led her to publish over 20 books.

Read on to see which author’s routine most closely resembles your own!

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Sierra Delaros works with Global English Editing,  a professional editing, and proofreading company based in the United States.

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