From Guest Blogger Rachel Jackson | Writers spend a lot of time alone, inside, at a desk working. This isn’t always the best basis for a healthy lifestyle. And when you have a great idea that you just need to get down on paper or an important deadline to meet, the tenets of healthy living can get thrown right out of the window.

It’s not always easy or possible to live totally healthily as a writer. But here are a few things you should aim for if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Manage your Time
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means managing your time effectively. You need to sleep, eat and socialize as well as work. Even if your creative juices only get flowing in the evening, try to go to bed at a regular time to ensure you’re getting a good night’s sleep. Also, schedule your social or fitness commitments into your diary and stick to them. That way work won’t overtake all other health considerations.

Stay Hydrated
Writers really have no excuse for not staying properly hydrated. Working at your desk, it’s easy to keep a glass of water within reach. Water is best but the odd cup of coffee or glass of juice will also help you to meet your daily liquid intake target. Adequate hydration prevents headaches, it removes toxins from your body and it promotes cardiovascular health.

Eat Right
Eating the right kinds of food is really important to the health of our bodies and brains. So cut out the junk food and make sure you have healthy meals with you, wherever you’re choosing to work. You could batch cook at weekends so you have plenty of nutritious food in the freezer no matter how busy your workload gets. And carry healthy snacks rather than sugary or fatty treats to satisfy hunger pangs during the day.

Sit Right
Poor posture at your desk can lead to a variety of health problems. You may suffer from back or neck pain or you may have poor circulation. Align your desk and chair so you’re sitting in the optimum position. And always take regular breaks to move around and release any tension held by stiff muscles that have been stuck too long in a typing position.

Get Outside
When you’re stuck at your desk all day, you don’t tend to get much experience of nature. But getting outside can be really good for your health. It can ease depression and boost your immune system too. Head out to your local park. Or at the very least, open the window and invest in some houseplants. Being around nature has a really positive impact on our outlook and our health.

Be Sociable
Writing is often a solitary exercise. But, as humans, we’re all social animals. Getting regular, good quality social interaction is really important for our mental health. Take the time each day to speak to someone you care about. Call a friend or make dinner plans. The importance of maintaining a social life cannot be underestimated.

Do Exercise
Exercise is a cornerstone of any healthy lifestyle. Just 20 minutes a day could make all the difference. Head out for a run before you get ready in the morning. Do a short Pilates routine to energize you during your lunch break. Or make time to head to the gym in the evening. Even if you’re feeling tired and overworked, exercise will make you feel more energetic and healthier too.

Sometimes all we can focus on is work. But we need to make time to be healthy too. Wherever possible, take care of your physical and mental health. Your body will thank you for it and you’ll be able to work more efficiently too.

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Rachel is a mother of 2 beautiful boys. She loves to hike and write about traveling, education, and business. She is a Senior Content Manager at – an online resource of relevant business information.



About the Author

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