From The Expert Editor | Are You Part the Minority 13% Who Doesn’t Read Books? 3 Reasons To Start Reading Today

Reading has long been a favorite American pastime.

And while not as popular today as it may have once been, according to Global English Editing’s latest infographic, at least 59% of Americans are devoting the same – if not more – time to reading this year.

Meanwhile, an astonishing 13% of Americans never read books, and 21% are devoting less time to the leisure activity.

NP Staff: We know our readers aren't part of the 13%, but we loved all the juicy reader info in your infographic!

If you’re one of the 13%, here are 3 great reasons to pick up a book today.

#1. Reading can increase your intelligence.

Books contain a wealth of knowledge. By reading, you expose yourself to new vocabulary and information. There are studies that indicate early reading skills may even mean higher intelligence later in life.

#2.Reading can increase your ability to relate to others.

Not only does reading help with your comprehension, but it can also help with emotional intelligence and improved social relationships. That’s because literary fiction, in particular, helps readers to understand what others are thinking and feeling.

#3. Reading can help you relax.

A 2009 Sussex University study showed that reading reduces stress by as much as 68%. Immerse yourself in a book that catches your attention to help ease your daily anxieties.
Wondering what you can start reading today?

Consider checking out the top-selling print and e-books of 2017 on Global English Editing’s infographic below.

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