By Lana Stidolph: This is a most significant question to answer, but most often ignored as it takes time, energy, courage, and determination to tell yourself what it is all about – what do I strive for in my life? What is my big idea? If the answer is writing, then making progress is essential, and your vision is clear. Here are some next steps to take, to make the vision tangible, and that is really what it's all about.

The dreamer and the doer take it all
We are all different here in the world of creative content, and it’s a relief. It is hard to imagine being one of the standardized millions of robot-like writing fodders, who are completely uninterested and unconcerned with anything philosophical. Some of us are more chaotic, some are more organized, the synergy of both is hard to achieve, but these are the winners, the most successful breed to produce good stuff.

You should be the dreamer and look beyond the horizon, though it takes daily effort to move inch by inch towards the goal. So many great writers have been unknown to the world only because they stayed dreamers and produced not a single word. Set measurable and precise goals – complete a story of 500 words every day, make goals more ambitious with time, stretch yourself, compare you now with what you were yesterday.

Resilience is the synonym for success
Congratulations! You have written a story and being overwhelmed with emotions, and you are ready to share, to publish, to send, to announce… But no one is interested. It is rejected, editors say it is not what they want. Be prepared – success is not instant as morning coffee can be, it is not, you’ve got to challenge yourself further and further. It’s not the genius that counts, it is the ability not to give up.

See the trends, set the trends
Beginning with easier tasks is more productive than trying to jump and beat the world record at once. Frustration following the complete failure is bitter and harder to get over. Treat yourself gently where possible and boost your spirit to keep on writing.

You feel you catch the trend easily, can write nicely and attract readers. Good. Looks like you can start a tougher job – try being a trendsetter, don’t be afraid to pioneer, the dividends will be all yours. Now you become the leader, and the rest will follow. The role is demanding, so is the reward.

Be critically aware – find your own way
It is a good idea to know what other people in writing profession recommend. Some say early hours is the most productive period, some claim talent and the only talent is decisive, some are advocates of good organization and working schedule. What we tell you – hear them all and decide for yourself. Find your own way. Perhaps go-with-the-flow approach is ideal for you. You may write well without any schedules just when you feel like writing, it is, after all, a very creative craft and there is no right guidance for everybody.

The chances are everywhere, do not miss them
Opportunities to get connected to success should be used whatever form they may have, and that is the golden rule of writing an essay. They may even not look like opportunities at first sight; it is wise to be open to any experience, critical feedback (which is an effective way to get improved), accidental meetings, new acquaintances, common project work, etc.

Do not be scared to ask questions if you feel it's useful. Lots of interesting things are hidden inside introverts who are hard nuts to crack, but if you can build trust – sit back and listen carefully, they often are outstanding storytellers and the knowledge they possess may be unique. In the world of extroverts, it is hard to express your ideas clearly, but you have to do your best to stand out and prove that you are worth it, so keep moving.

Writing a good story is a complex combination of the author’s big idea all the tiny parts, personal identity and style, work organization or disorganization, and experience. Everything that keeps our readers intrigued, entertained and makes them want to stay with us expecting to see new adventures and be part of the action. If you agree, you should definitely check out these tips. Are you ready to write a good story? We are looking forward to reading it!

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I'm a blogger, traveler, and constant learner. Work as a blog editor and marketing manager of Essay Service. Love working out at the gym and hitchhiking. The world is beautiful, and we should appreciate every single thing that surrounds us! You can also follow this author on Facebook.

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