By Matt Banner/There are countless authors occupying the digital space. Standing out from the rest requires more than simply writing great books. To avoid being buried by the competition, every writer should start marketing on Facebook and other top social platforms.

Today I’m going to show you how to start marketing your books on social media, and then we’ll take a look at an infographic designed to show you the best possible ways to use each of today’s top platforms.

How to Market Your Books on Social Media

It’s worth noting immediately, that you can’t, nor should you, try and use every platform on the face of the Earth. Instead, you should focus on a place where you’re comfortable and you can interact freely with your readers. Successful author use social media for this purpose.

You should also freely answer questions and interact with your readers, but when a new book comes out, you should absolutely ask them to buy it. It’s not being presumptuous, they are your fans after all.

That being said, don’t push your book constantly. Remember the 80/20 rule where you only spent 20% of your time being promotional and the other 80% being informative and engaging. Remember that social media is a direct connection between you and your readers, so use it!

The social media cheat sheet infographic below will help you structure and title posts for maximum reach on today’s top platforms. Let us know how it helps you in the comments below!


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Matt Banner is the owner and writer for On Blast Blog, a resource for both bloggers and online entrepreneurs to find everything they need to better themselves and build their brand. You can find him on Facebook and on Twitter: @BlastYourBlog

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