By Matt Banner/ While many would consider an email list optional, as a growing author, you need one. Being able to market new books, spread word of mouth, and instantly reach your followers and fans is absolutely necessary in today’s digital world.

While you can use programs to manage your email lists, email marketing goes far beyond this. Today I’ll share some little-known secrets about this type of marketing, and then I’ll show you an infographic that will teach you how to send emails like a professional.

Handling Your Email Marketing Like a Professional (Infographic)

The first secret of email marketing that you need to know as an author, is the fact that you want quality over quantity. You need to target the kind of people who are already interested in your work, not someone who is a casual bystander.

The second thing you should incorporate, is some kind of incentive. Give your readers a reason to sign up for the email list. This can be a giveaway, a discount, or even just the promise of insider information on your next book.

Autoresponders are also your friend. When someone buys your book, you can program these to immediately respond with a simple “thank you” which will go a long way towards building a loyal following.

Ultimately, you can launch your book for less money than you think and reap the rewards of an email list filled with hungry readers. For more information on email marketing and how to master it, check out the infographic below and let us know how it helped you in the comments below!


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