By Guest Blogger Gina Hales/Every business has a prime goal of staying in touch with its customers through social media. It is very important to stay discoverable so customers and potential customers can find you and view information.

Having a personal and one to one connection with customers is very important for your brand to thrive in market. People trust you and connect with you more if the time they invest in your brand is reciprocated.

By posting actively and timely, you can reach a large number of audiences through social media and especially Facebook. Facebook is the most crucial component in developing social media marketing strategy because it boasts a user base of more than one billion people. This makes it not only the most used but hottest platform for people to find their peers, connect with their favorite public figures and follow the top performing brands in market.

Setting up a Facebook page is the best way to attract users and posting content leads them to stay loyal to you. A Facebook page contains all the basic information like website address and ‘about’ section, which gives you an opportunity to direct your customers to the website, resulting in increased leads.

Setting up a lead page is also very effective strategy in converting visitors into customers, which results in higher sales and revenue.

Facebook only serves as an extension to business, if you are not using it as an ecommerce platform. In that case, make a strategy and timeline for sharing the updates and keep your customers engaged.

Why Facebook is important?

A company that merely started out as a platform for students of Harvard to connect and communicate with each other now flaunts more than one billion users. Ever since it went public in 2006, Facebook has never let its audience down and is always coming up with better ideas to facilitate the interaction between users. This shows the potential Facebook has had and how companies and organizations built on it to support and expand their business.

Customer Engagement

All social media websites work with one basic functionality- creating platform for users to communicate and engage with one another. Having a Facebook page allows you to connect with your potential and targeted customers, so you can learn about them, their interests, habits, needs and wants.

With this information, you can craft out the exact marketing strategy, which will ensure the success for your business.

Customer interaction is also important because people will only talk to you if you respond back. One-way communication is not only unhealthy for your business, but it also drives the most loyal customers away. Not staying involved and talking to customers on social media send out the impression that you do not care for them, which is the top pointer for a disastrous business.

Loyal Fan Base

Loyal followers and fans are the building blocks of a successful business. The top way to connect with them is by creating a secluded group of users who consume your product and want exclusive information.
The exclusive factor gives audience a sense of privilege and they stick with you, even if a better competitor is present in the market. These followers help in the promotion of campaigns and advertising. You can also offer discounts and special incentives to such customers on products and services offered by the business.

Higher Leads and Networking

Through Facebook tabs and lead pages, you have the unique opportunity to approach your customers on a more personal level. Facebook tabs with opt-in features allow you to gather the personal data of customers like their email ids, birthdays and geo-location.

Using this information, you can devise a more targeted and direct marketing strategy. The email ids also pave a way for personal interaction between business and customer, so you can introduce newsletters and future promotions one-on-one.

Following your competition and related business, you have the opportunity to build connections and network with influencers that can prove helpful in future.

Facebook marketing is important but you also need effective innovative tools that make sure your strategy produces the best results. For this reason, I have compiled a list of top Facebook marketing software’s that will help you achieve desired results.

[dropcap style=”default, circle, box, book”]B[/dropcap]leupage

The software is the most direct and easiest way to generate fans, sales and leads on Facebook, using its in-built features. Instead of waiting for audience to come visit your page and interact with it, Bluepage does all the hard work by posting directly inside Facebook fans’ newsfeed, where they can view it, being in their line of sight.

In order to generate leads, you can use the highly successful email-marketing feature as well as automation tool to schedule posts. The software gives you easy access to monitor and analyze your posts by identifying the best performing posts that allows you to modify or extend your marketing strategies.

[dropcap style=”default, circle, box, book”]C[/dropcap]atvertiser

Catvertiser is one of the top Facebook marketing software available in the market, which guarantees the best results. It works using the cost per action model, which produces higher results for Facebook ads and you have to pay less compared to Facebook’s own ads. In addition, you do not have to pay for external websites and mobile apps.

Use Google analytics to read the analytics for any Facebook ad created with catvertiser, so you can get in-depth statistics and tracks conversions of ads.

Create multiple ads to see which one of them is doing best by uploading them right out of excel file or create ads for multiple products from the store without wasting any time.

Any selected post can be boosted through advanced configuration of automatic posts; hence, you will be able to save time along with boosting the best content based on previously uploaded factors.
[dropcap style=”default, circle, box, book”]T[/dropcap]abfu

Tabfu is one of the best tools to create custom tabs for your site so you cannot ignore it. You can create custom tabs, motion posts and edit them according to need as well as you can create squeeze page for email marketing and video marketing. Tabfu will provide you great assistance in making your business post beautiful and attractive. You don’t need to tackle headache of development and hosting for your custom pages. All marketing options are available there.

[dropcap style=”default, circle, box, book”]S[/dropcap]imply Cast

A Facebook automation software, which plays a pivotal role in bringing engagements on content and increasing leads by posting content automatically.

You can share stories, videos, pictures and a lot more by just scheduling post at one time for different time slots. This not only saves time but also keeps your timeline updated and active.

With auto responders, you can also communicate with the audience that comment relevant content on posts.
In order to increase leads, build a contact list by integrating a sign-up form into your Facebook. This way people will need to fill it before they are able to view your content.

With the continuous, evolution of technology, it is a challenge for business to not only stay updated with stay one step ahead so consumers’ needs can be satisfied. Brands are no more in control of their marketing strategies but audience are. Therefore, interaction and staying active through softwares is crucial if you are aiming for the successful future.

Gina Hales MBA in marketing, immaculate problem solver and a profound researcher, helping out marketers through her experience and expertise to achieve the next level in marketing.

She blogs at TabFU, Do Jobs Online, and Bleu Page.

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