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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual pin board created about two years ago, and, recently, it’s been taking off like wildfire.
If you’re anything like me, you’ll love pin boards! A favorite recipe, a cute outfit, a great photo–we either stuff it into a drawer (never to be found again), clip it to the fridge (where it falls in-between the fridge and the cabinet), or pin it to a cork board with all the others. On Pinterest all we have to do when we find something we’re interested in is click the PIN IT on the bookmark bar. Then, create different boards to organize the topics, and it’s there for us when we’re ready for it. We also can share with our friends, and they can share with us.

There is another side for bloggers and retailers: The pictures which get pined on any one persons’ board, once clicked, will go back to the original source. So say we saw this really cute pink dress on our BFF’s board. We can click the photo and find out they sell them at Macy’s for $50.00. An even better example for someone like me, a new author: make a ‘pin’ of the novel cover, link it back to its website where it can be bought or downloaded, and get your friends to re-pin it on their boards under ‘Must Reads’ or whatever title they create. You can also comment on the photo. I put the synopsis under the photo.

Here’s do you set-up an account?

1. Go to and ask for an invite (or find a friend on Pinterest to invite you).

2. Create your profile (I included the synopsis for my upcoming novel).

3. Set up your boards (you can always add more as you go along).

4. When the site suggests you add people with similar interests, do it. This will give you a whole new set of ‘friends’.

5. Start pinning (After signing-up, I immediately logged onto, typed in books and other products that interest me, and started pinning like a crazy person).

You can also upload photos from your computer and ‘pin’ them to your board. My novel is under production with a publisher, so I don’t have an ISBN number yet. Since I still wanted to represent, I uploaded an HD image of the cover to my Pinterest. It’s already been repinned a few times, and I just started!

That’s all there is too it; Pinterest is an easy and fun way to share your interests with the world. Feel free to come see me once you sign up, and don’t forget to re-pin my book, Twisted Roots!


About this post’s author:

Shelly Goodman Wright is the author of Twisted Roots, a Christian Romance/Suspense novel coming out in spring of 2012. You can find more information on her website: She is also the author of The Irreversible Catastrophe of Professor Babcock in Steampunk Tales Issue 12, which you can find at Additionally, she is a regular contributor to Fresh Ink Magazine, Colorado Springs, and a co-contributor to About Fiction Writing.

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  1. Great tips. I just started using Pinterest. Thanks!

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