By ME Summer/ I work for a national health care company as a freelance instructional designer, and one of my department compatriots sent out a link to a fantastic infographic about the health risks of sitting all day. This, I'm sure, comes as no shock to any of my well educated readers, but apparently, sitting for more than nine hours a day will kill you.

So what does that mean for us writers? Especially the ones with day jobs. I easily sit for more than nine hours more often than not, and I only work part time. Does that mean I'm destined for an early grave? And if so, how do I limit the hours I spend in front of my computer when all I want to do in my free time is write?

Now, I don't know about you, but I have at least 60,000 more words to go before my novel is done, and I'd like to finish it before the next century rolls around. So here's the multibillion-dollar question: how do I write and move around at the same time?

I'm leaving this post open-ended for you all to leave your thoughts and ideas, but I have an idea or two of my own that might be worth an experiment.

Pump Up the Volume: I've recently downloaded an app to my iPhone that lets me use my hands-free device to record audio. I've used it a few times while on long walks with my dog and baby daughter to record myself composing my novel. It's not pretty, and the road noise can be prohibitive, but it works. I haven't lost anything so far. And yes, I do have to transcribe when I sit back down at my computer. But transcribing is much faster for me than composing, and I can edit as I go.

Treading Writing: If you have a couple grand lying around, which I know isn't likely for us writers and certainly isn't likely in my near future, you can purchase this handy (footy?) solution.

Of course, if you already have a treadmill gathering dust in your garage, you can haul it out and create your own version of this beauty using a shelf, a modified desk, or other surface to secure your computer to.

So what are your ideas? I'd love to hear them. My metabolism isn't getting any younger, people!

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