After months of staring at the same words, it’s easy to miss things. Agents, publishers, and readers are all quick to dismiss books with sloppy prose and bad grammar. Don’t worry. Regardless of your path to publication, we can help prepare you for the journey.

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Line Editing

Includes the following:

  • Identifying and addressing story flow, glaring plot holes, keeping character voices intact throughout, etc.
  • Suggestions to sentence structure and word choice

Cost: Our line-editing services start at $3.25 per page and may range up to $5 per page, depending on the depth of work needed. The industry standard for one manuscript page is 250 words, which means that we divide your total word count by 250 to determine your official page count. We will give you an exact quote upon review of your manuscript. If the revision process results in an increased word count, we will charge $5 per each 250 words extra and not accounted for in the initial quote.

Developmental Editing

Includes the following:

  • Analyze manuscript content to suggest and implement structure changes
    • Identify plot holes, theme, premise, symbolism, tension, pacing, character development (motivation, inconsistencies, etc), inconsistent dialogue or tone, etc.
  • Recommend solutions to identified problems
    • Examples: Plot improvements, structural analysis, dialogue or action or description/prose needed to further the story.

Cost coming soon!

Manuscript Critique

The total project must be a minimum of 60,000 words to provide you with enough feedback to make larger changes. The editing critique I will send back of your selected manuscript section will be up to 10,000 words and provide a thorough review of the developmental issues, suggestions for solutions on how to fix the developmental issues, comments on plot weaknesses or holes if found, and a recommendation for the level of editing you need.

$325 per 10,000 words


Basic review and revisions of spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and anything missed in the line editing stage

Cost coming soon!

Synopsis Writing

The only way to truly know a book is to read it. Due to this, the synopsis writing service is only available as an add-on to an editing project.

$320 for up to 500 words, including unlimited revisions

Book Blurb Writing

Standalone Service:

  • After I review the synopsis of your story, I will send you a list of questions. The questions may include clarification on details provided, inquiring about more details in the story, information about your characters, or other question to help me better understand your story. After I receive the answers to the questions, I will write the book blurb.

Add-On Service:

  • If I am already editing your story, I will already have intimate knowledge of your story and can write a book blurb to go along with your book. As I work with you throughout the editing process, I may send you questions about the story to assist me in the editing process, as well as writing the book blurb.

$175, including up to three revisions