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Build a Facebook author page and get people to “like” it: A 20-step guide

This is a post by Novel Publicity President, Emlyn Chand/ Last Week, I made you salivate as I discussed the merits of Grandma’s old-fashioned social media pie.  I split that yummy pie into four-pieces and dedicated one of them to the power of Facebook in furthering your online writing platform. Using Facebook, you can engage your existing […]


A beginner’s guide to Twitter: 10 Tips

At parties, are you more the lean against the wall and hope nobody notices you type? Or maybe you’re the get uproariously drunk and sorely embarrass yourself type? We can’t be having that!  No matter how shy you are in your flesh-and-blood-life, there’s no reason why you can’t be a charismatic butterfly in the eRealm. Think […]

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