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The Map of Your Manuscript’s Quest

Posted by on Oct 22, 2014 in All Advice, Publishing | Comments Off

This is a guest post by Olivia La Bianca I worked in a major publishing house as an editorial intern earlier this year. In that time, I watched innumerable manuscripts being passed from desk to desk, and it astonished me just how many steps it took for a publisher to decide if they wanted to contract a book or not. It was also very helpful to me as a writer. So, just to give you a basic idea of the many levels of acceptance your little baby manuscript needs to traverse before reaching that ultimate destination, I will now outline the...

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On Rejection and Renewal: A Note to Aspiring Novelists

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This is a guest post by Warren Adler   You’ve spent months, perhaps years, composing your novel. You’ve read and reread it hundreds of times. You’ve rethought it, rewritten it, and revised it, changed characters, dialogue and plot lines. Writing your novel is the most important thing in your life. It has absorbed your attention, almost exclusively. Both your conscious and your subconscious mind have been obsessed with it. You have read parts of it to your friends, family, former teachers. Most think it’s wonderful. You have...

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7 Tasty Tricks to Improve your Writing Skills

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This is a guest post by Lesley Vos Being a writer myself, I understand perfectly how difficult it can be to proofread your own texts. That’s why I decided to share some tricks with Novel Publicity blog readers on self-editing. Sure, there are always some editors to rely on, but a writer should not forget, that this is not editors’ job to correct every spelling or grammar mistake, especially if there are dozens of them in a small piece of writing. Let’s be honest: writers hate editing. Moreover, many of us don’t...

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Polish Your Post: 10 Tips for Better Blogging

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This is a post by Robert Morris Writing blogs that will capture the hearts of your audience and influence their standings on a particular subject doesn’t only require writing talent. There are many blogs people read, comment on and subscribe to, but what about the lack of editing and proofreading. We all try to write engaging and inviting content, but don’t offend your readers by not spending time to correct the obvious mistakes. In order to hit the mark, a blog post requires a great deal of thinking and planning, as well as some...

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8 Tasty Tips to get the Creative Juices Flowing

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This is a post by Leslie Anglesey For some writers being creative comes naturally and effortlessly. There seems to be a never ending supply. For others, it’s not that easy and they struggle for each brilliant idea that pops into their head. This article gives you eight of my personal juicy tips for arousing creativity in writing when there isn’t much to go around. #1: Define Your Relationship with Creativity In your world is creativity something you directly control, or not? Make no mistake, there are trillions of neural connections ready...

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Ten Tools You Can Tailor to Any Marketing Strategy

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This is a post by Inna Kraner, Managing Editor for The Expert Institue A common expience when launching a company is the desire to track data. You might have started by tracking everything in Excel, making hundreds of calls every day, sending emails by the thousands, or making notes on every interaction in painful detail. In short, wasting too much time trying to keep your data organized. Below is a list for the ten amazing products that can save you from deathly monotonous tasks and help your marketing team elevate data and help transform...

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Tips to Trick Yourself Into Writing Faster

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in All Advice, Writing | Comments Off

This is a guest post by Alex Strike I bet, this situation will sound familiar for everyone who writes, no matter what they write – blog posts, essays, short stories, articles, or books. One day sitting at the computer, or in front of a clean white sheet of paper, you try to start writing, but nothing comes out! Words do not come to your mind, sentences look stupid and ridiculous, paragraphs do not appear. You are stuck! You might try to distract yourself somehow in order to find inspiration. Check your e-mail, go to Facebook, look for funny...

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Ride the Reading Wave to a Bigger and Better Readership

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This is a guest post by Rob Tucker of Readwave Let’s start by facing up to a hard truth. For writers, building up a fan-base around your work is tough; significantly more difficult than it is for musicians, for instance. Growing a readership is the writer equivalent of having a girlfriend/boyfriend. It is time-consuming and hard work but it’s also exciting and incredibly fulfilling. Without an audience, your life as a writer will be strangely empty. How is it exactly that talented author get readers in the digital age? Short is sweet Even...

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Reviews: Karma for the Soul

Posted by on Jan 27, 2014 in All Advice, Blogging, Writing | Comments Off

This is a guest post by Naomi Leadbeater From time to time, I read books. Who knew? This time, I’m reading Untimed by Andy Gavin, perhaps aptly named as I was planning to post the review yesterday, but due to unforeseen events (read: Dodge meet Ram meets my car) I clearly didn’t get it done. This post will also be a review about how to review, and why it is so important for authors to get book reviews. From time to time, I also do this weird thing called reviewing books. Many of you probably wonder why I do it so much. Part of the...

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The Problem with First-Person Narratives – Beware the I-Bombs!

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This is a Post by Novel Publicity Writing Coach, Lane Diamond Read on to learn more about our new writing coach services and how they can help you take your writing to new heights! Originally published at www.LaneDiamond.com. As both a reader and an editor, I see more and more first-person narratives these days. It likely has something to do with the old guard – the “gatekeepers” – not influencing as many books, as the indie publishing revolution continues. Once upon a time, while shopping my manuscript for Forgive Me, Alex around to...

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