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When we started offering blog tours in early 2011, the blog tour was still a relatively new promotional technique. Now, it’s one of the most sought after ways to draw attention to a new or revitalized book.

We like to think of the blog tour as a convenient and cost-effective book tour. Instead of traveling to New York, LA, or Chicago to promote your book in-person, your book travels for you while you remain in the comfort of your own home. Thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web, the entire planet is just a click and a dial away.

A blog tour is an intensive online publicity period. During this period, a group of our host bloggers will feature you and your book in some capacity—this might be a book review, an author interview, or another promotional opportunity depending on the blog’s specialty. At Novel Publicity, we recognize the importance of reviews, which is why all our tours are review-only tours. We also encourage our bloggers to cross-post their reviews to Amazon and GoodReads, providing them with reminders before, during, and after the tour.

We will issue a call for bloggers, targeting those who have expressed an interest in your book’s genre, manage their coverage timelines, and publicize their reviews on our website and through our Facebook and Twitter accounts. The announcement of your tour will also be included in the weekly Novel Publicity Newsletter.

Novel Publicity works with its blog hosts personally to help build their traffic—bloggers are not assigned to host authors until they have met the 100 hits per day milestone.  We keep extensive data on our bloggers:  we know what types of books they like and what they don’t, and we’ll do our best to pair you with the bloggers we think will most enjoy your book.  We also encourage our bloggers to fully engage and put forth their best work by giving away prizes for the best original entry, one random tour commenter, and one lottery winner via a custom Rafflecopter contest.

As an added bonus, we create custom Rafflecopter contests for each tour and provide all assigned bloggers with the code to the contest form. The Rafflecopter contest drives attention to both your book and your social media accounts by asking blog tour hosts and other participants to enter by liking authors’ Facebook pages and GoodReads accounts, adding books on GoodReads, following authors on Twitter, reading book excerpts and answering follow-up questions, visiting authors’ websites, viewing book trailers, and more!

The virtual book tour includes at least 20 blogs over a four-week period. If 20 high traffic bloggers are unavailable for your tour, we may assign some bloggers that have been evaluated by us but have not yet reached the 100 hits per day milestone. If we do need to use low-traffic bloggers, we will provide you with more than 20 total bloggers to ensure the maximum PR bang for your buck.

Additionally, we will create a landing page for your tour. This page will include information about your book, you, the bloggers covering your tour, the unique Rafflecopter contest, and more. A detailed schedule will show where your book will be featured and on which day. Each time a new review is posted as part of the tour, we will link to it on this page, providing you with a one stop-publicity home base. If you purchase a book trailer, book club discussion guide, or promotional twitterview, these items will be included on your page as well.

When purchasing the blog tour, you will need to indicate whether you are willing to ship paperback copies of your book or if you’d prefer to work digitally. You will also need to send us a one-paragraph synopsis and a five-page excerpt of your book along with an author bio (including links) and all available digital formats of your book (i.e. PDF, Mobi, ePub.) Also be prepared to ship copies of your book to blog tour hosts, and let us know if you are willing to ship internationally.

Our expert blog tour administrators know that tours aren’t just great for exposure but also market research. We keep tabs on what reviewers are saying, analyze trends in their feedback, and offer you ideas for continuing your book marketing campaign long after your tour is through–either by yourself or with one of our marketing consultants. This means you can continue to benefit from your tour long after the final review has been posted.

Note:  Authors interested in the tour must first complete the advanced consultation form below. By requiring a synopsis and excerpt from your novel before signing you on for this service, we aim to ensure a basic level of quality in the books we promote. We want our bloggers to enjoy the books they read and our authors to be satisfied with their tour coverage. While we cannot guarantee 100% positive reviews from each blogger, we take added precaution in selecting which books to tour, work with bloggers to select the books that are most suited to their preferences, and give bloggers the option of conducting interviews instead of writing reviews. Completion of the below form implies your acceptance of these terms.

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