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Robb Grindstaff’s novels and short stories have garnered rave reviews from critics and readers alike, his writing compared to Flannery O’Connor and John Irving. In his 35+ year journalism career as a newspaper editor, publisher, and executive, Robb has worked in Phoenix, Arizona, small towns in North Carolina and Texas, seven years in Washington, D.C., and five years in Asia. He now lives in Wisconsin, where he manages a group of community newspapers. His articles on the craft of fiction have appeared in writing magazines and websites. Robb edits fiction and non-fiction manuscripts by agented, traditionally published, and independent authors from around the world. Learn more about Robb or connect with him on www.RobbGrindstaff.com, or via Facebook or Twitter.

The ideal editing client has a few errors and some weaknesses in the story and writing and the burning desire to raise a manuscript up a notch or two. Otherwise, there would be no need for an editor. The key trait my ideal client displays is a willingness to learn, practice, work, edit, revise and rewrite as needed. A thick skin – or at least the ability recognize that an edit is not a personal criticism – is required. What I promise in return is that your story is exactly that – your story. It’s not my story, and I won’t rewrite it the way I would tell it. I will work with you to help you tell your story better with your words and your voice.

I met Robb Grindstaff on a writers’ site when he gave some feedback on the work I had posted. His insight and intelligence shone through and I badgered him for more feedback, which he most generously gave, and we subsequently became friends. I have recently completed the manuscript of my second book for publication and turned to Robb for advice many times as the story took shape. I trust his instincts as well as his knowledge of the writing craft, his thoughtful and thorough feedback and his openness to discussion.
Phillipa Fioretti

Robb owns sterling skills in technical editing, story structure, plot development and voice. His feedback on my work has led to immense improvement in my work and skills. He is one of the reasons I am represented by a great agent. He’s also a very funny dude and has enormous empathy for an author’s point of view.
Pete Morin

Thank you, Robb, for your excellent editing, the challenge to go the extra mile, and giving me an awesome learning experience.
Tim Pond

Robb Grindstaff

Lead Editor

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Forget about rules for writing, but there are plenty of tools and techniques available for the savvy writer.

Detailed line editing, proofreading, manuscript analysis/critique, writing coach

Able to rip your masterpiece to shreds and make you feel good about it.

Majored in English and Journalism, minor in foosball, Oklahoma Baptist University sometime in the 1970s. But the real editing education was on the hard streets of daily newspaper journalism in small communities where my neighbor would call me up at home on the weekend to tell me about a mistake in the paper.

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