Is Google+ the death of Social Media?

By Pavarti K. Tyler/ Sometimes it all feels overwhelming. I'm supposed to read, write, text, tweet, FB, blog, Google+, LinkedIn, make videos, go to chats, AND somehow work and have a family. We've talked here before about how to prioritize our time, how to manage social media etiquette and how to be a good member of the Indie Community. But what about everyone else?

Since I’ve joined Google+ I've been impressed with its interface, its ability to connect with people and the viral nature of posting there. I have more shares on G+ but fewer comments. More friends, but fewer real connections. What I really have though, is more spam.

Since joining G+ I've gotten at least two “Hi, I pretty girl want to chat?” messages in Google Chat every day. EVERY SINGLE DAY. It makes me want to turn off GChat completely, but I love it too much! My husband talks to me there from work, my clients ask me questions, my friends say hello, and sometimes it's just nice to have a conversation in the middle of the day with someone you usually only see in passing online.

Nonetheless, G+ seems to have become more about spam and less about being social. Despite my use of circles, my limited posting and advertising, and attempts to comment on others' posts, it seems all I get are requests to video chat from guys with symbols in their names who live overseas. Guess what fellas, I'm not available.

So what's your favorite social media tool? What's your least favorite? How do you manage them all? And please, stop giving e^il7 in Madagascar my email address!

Pavarti K Tyler, Marketing Department DirectorPavarti is a member of the Novel Publicity Team as marketing director. She also provides content editing as a consultant or for her Novel Pub clients. Her unique experience as a dramaturge, both on and off Broadway, has provided her the opportunity to work closely with many playwrights and directors, allowing Pavarti to consider both the literary and audience perspective. Pavarti K Tyler’s novel Two Moons of Sera is a Fantasy/Romance and is being released in a serial format. Her next novel Shadow on the Wall is scheduled for release in early 2012. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or her website.

Jeff Davis

As a guy who doesn’t chat or use the hangout features on Google Plus, I can say without reservation that G+ is by far the best tool for social media. For my use anyway. I don’t need to see pictures of people’s kids at soccer camp, what someone had for lunch or yet another insipid, inspirational graphic, (we have Facebook for that). What I do need is intelligent, thoughtful connections with people who aren’t afraid to say what they think, even when they disagree with me.
As more and more companies turn FB into the establishment, it will go the way of MySpace – a retro thing we used to use before we realized that we could have so much more.

    Pavarti K Tyler

    I’ve heard that from others as well, but the return on investment and personal connection there is low for me. What do you think makes your experience different from mine?

Sabrynne McLain

I too am a victim of symbol-named strangers stalking me on Google chat via G+. Since I’m not overly “chatty” online I turned off my chat, but I can see how annoying it can be if you do use it.

In two days I will officially be working full time again, so it will be vital that I keep all posting to a few minutes a day. I think it’s down to necessity.

    Pavarti K Tyler

    As long as you still talk to me Sabrynne 😛


I have never had this problem. Did you go to Chat settings
and click on this?
*Only allow people that I’ve explicitly approved to chat with me and see when I’m online.

Laxmi (@laxmi)

Hey Pav, am yet a twitter addict and FB seems to actually be getting better at reaching more and more people. I like being able to tag people with G+ – makes it much more targeted, but I admit I do screen those who add me to circles and sometimes do have to block the unsavory ones… still G+ is less crowded than twitter and more visual so reserving judgement on it yet !

    Pavarti K Tyler

    I have my chat on “busy” now and that helps some, now it’s only a few times a week. I just feel like G+ may be too integrated, you know? I want to be able to connect with everyone but I don’t necessarily want everyone to know when I’m online!

Brian Holers

So if I join google plus will pretty girls want to chat with me???

    Pavarti K Tyler

    I always want to chat with you Brian 😛

DeBorah Ann Palmer

I’m a part of Google+ and LinkedIn but I’m a Facebook fan. Facebook was really created for Baby Boomers like me. I’ve been able to reconnect with school buddies from over 40 years ago. However I hate Chat functions. All Chat functions. I’ve disabled the Facebook Chat and am looking for a way to get rid of Google Chat. I keep getting Chat requests from somebody in India who does not realize I’m on my way to work at 6:30am. For somebody in my generation you’re either talking or texting but not both. I like email because I can answer at my leisure. If I’m going to see you at some point in the day there’s is no reason to chat. Somehow I still miss that rotary dial pink Princess phone in my parents bedroom. Simpler times when face to face social interaction was the norm.

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