The Moa whirlwind tour starts today! Welcome to blogaganza where the questions are fun and the prizes are huge.

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Today, we’re absolutely delighted to kick-off the Moa whirlwind tour. It’s going to be a wild ride as the author weaves her way through the blogosphere and social media universe in a way that just can’t be ignored. So who’s this cool gal you’re going to be hearing all about this week? And what kind of books did she write? I’m glad you asked. Let’s get to know Tricia through a quirky Q&A we like to call “blogaganza.” But first, here’s our overview of this enlightening fictional journey, a mini review if you will.

Moa is not a book you read lightly. It’s a deep journey into the metaphysical as the title character, Moa, who is the keeper of the ancient portal, guides sisters Hillary and Molly along with Molly’s young daughter, Heidi, in a journey to save Hawaii and, ultimately, the world. They face troubles along the way including a long lost relative with interests of his own, self doubt, and the lingering grief of a life taken too soon.  With Moa as their guide, the women encounter a number of mystical elements including protective magic, guardian angels, rogue spirits, alternate selves, and chakra meditation. Despite the fictional premise, Moa felt very real, and it’s readily apparent that the author is gifted in these elements. This is a fantastical read for anyone looking to learn more about the metaphysical realm and who’d prefer to read a story rather than a nonfiction guide book.


Now onto the blogaganza…

Let’s paint a picture of your novel. Please choose something from each of the following categories that best summarizes the book and explain why: color, animal, US city, car, food, and element.

  • ColorMoa is the bright and natural green of new leaves opening up for the first time in spring.
  • AnimalMoa is most like a monkey. The Chinese character HOU is the sign of imagination, and Moa represents many of this zodiac sign’s qualities, including creativity, curiosity and humor.
  • US CityMoa is Honolulu, Hawaii. Hillary describes the island of Oahu as she first descends for her visit as beautiful, moss-covered jewels in a glittering sea. The mystical feeling imbued in the islands is in every light cell of Moa.
  • CarMoa is most like a VW Bug from the 70s. They seemed to last forever and never failed to start up when you need them. Likewise, you can always count on Moa to be there when you’re in trouble!
  • FoodMoa is most like “Loco Moco.” This local Hawaiian breakfast consists of a generous scoop of white rice and either a hamburger patty or Portugese sausage, then topped with a fried egg over easy. This high protein dish provides nourishment sticks with you for the long hall—both qualities of Moa.
  • ElementMoa is water. Not just any regular water, but the kind you drink when you’re in a foreign country. Once you’ve ingested it, you can never turn back. Question is, what reaction will your body, mind, soul have to it? Well, I guess that’s up for grabs.

Here’s a clichéd question:  You’re wandering out in the desert and trip over a hard object lodged in the sand. It’s a magic genie’s lamp—OMG! Which three things do you wish for and why? Any chance you’ll regret these choices later?

A magic time travel bubble. I can travel anywhere past present or future and return to the present anytime I’d like and my three wishes are the events I’d like to visit. There is, absolutely, a chance I may regret my decision later. Who knows who I’ll meet or what I’ll experience and what impact it may have on me. But for now, I’ll enjoy the fun of discovering old–or new–worlds, entities, and people. And I’ll finally get to find out what really happened to Edgar Allan Poe the night of his death, watch Shakespeare write “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and see firsthand who really built the Pyramids.

If there was one fictional character (either from literature, television, or movies) whose life and personality most resembled your own, who would it be and why?

Mary Tyler Moore, better known as Mary Richards in her self-titled TV show. I even wrote a play and book about a woman who has a shrine to MTM. Why? The main character moved to the big city and followed the vision of her sitcom’s theme song, “You’re Gonna Make It After All.” I moved from Kansas City to Los Angeles and am in the process of penning my own theme song, “I Will Make It, Damn It.” Obviously, it is a work in progress–as am I.

Now a different spin on the same question:  If you could pick, which fictional character’s life would you most want to have and why?

I can’t imagine living anyone else’s life. What would I do with all that I learned? If I suddenly found myself in, say, Mahatma Ghandi’s life, helping the poor, I’m afraid I wouldn’t know what to do. Perhaps I could ask a fictional character to live my life? In that case, I’d like to see Kristen Stewart sit behind a desk for hours at a time, clean up after my dog throws up, and change the cat litter. Now that is something I’d pay to see!

Would you rather your writing remain obscure forever all the while knowing you had talent and stayed true to your creative vision OR would you prefer to write a book that achieves great commercial success but that you just aren’t proud of? Why did you choose the answer you chose?

I’ll never forget my second apartment. What does this have to do with the question? Bear with me. During my solo search for a new abode, I took one look at the dingy apartment building located next to a noisy freeway and declared to myself aloud, “I will never live here!” Lo and behold, two short weeks later, in what can only be described as a sitcom “Cut to”—cue wah, wah, wah, music now—I found myself living in that very apartment building, facing the freeway, no less! More disturbing than my penchant to speak aloud to myself, this experience cured me of ever declaring a definitive, negative comments about my future. So, my answer is a resounding “Yes! I will be a commercial success. Double-yes! I will believe in what I write, because how else could a story get written without the author’s complete belief in it? And how could I live with myself if I didn’t put my best and truest work forward?” Oh, woe to those who say otherwise. Beware the power of your words or is it my words…I never know which.


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About Moa: Eighteen-year-old, Hillary, anticipates adventure as she embarks for trip to Honolulu, but gets more than she bargained for when Moa, an ancient Hawaiian spirit, pays her an unexpected visit. Get it on Amazon.

About Statue of Ku: The second book in the Moa Book Series, “The Statue of Ku” follows Hillary and Moa as they jet to Egypt on the Prince’s private plane to reclaim Moa’s family heirloom, the inimitable statue of Ku. Get it on Amazon.

About the author: Tricia Stewart Shiu combines her addiction to the written word with her avid interest in the healing arts and all things metaphysical in her novels Moa and Statue of Ku and looks forward to finding new ways to unite her two loves. Visit Tricia on her website, Twitter, Facebook, or GoodReads.


  1. You are a new author, I look forward to your 2 books. Great blog and prozes.

  2. Thank you for writing these books and for sharing some more insight into who the authors is. I LOVED reading the first two books and can’t wait for the third. They really took me to another place while reading.
    erica k recently posted..“Statue of Ku” book review (giveaway info included)My Profile

  3. Reading “Statue of Ku” right now! Can’t wait for the third book! I love the Blogaganza post, especially the category descriptions, the book felt fresh and “green” to me too!
    Allizabeth Collins recently posted..Guestpost: Tricia Stewart Shiu – The Story Behind MoaMy Profile

  4. This is my first day of my first Whirlwind Tour and I can already feel the wind picking up! Thanks for hopping on for the ride.

  5. Good luck on your tour. Your books sound really unique!
    Jill recently posted..Interview on Lovey Dovey Books!My Profile

  6. I’d love a time travel bubble too! (Perhaps all of us want that at come point, but it sure would be fun.)

    I also love your choice of color. I think it fits really well with the book, which I’m enjoying immensely by the way!

  7. So glad you’re enjoying the book, Naomi!

  8. Priya Mani

    Dear Tricia – a funky question for you. What is the color and element that best summarizes Hillary in your book ‘Moa’? And why?

  9. I love your (Tricia’s) answer to “If you could pick, which fictional character’s life would you most want to have and why?” I feel it is a real answer. Some people may look at it as a cop-out to a hard question, and to some people it would be a very hard question, but I feel the same way about this. You never know anyone until you’ve “walked a mile in their shoes,” and metaphorically walking in someone else’s shoes means you’re stuck living their life instead of yours, whether you like it or not. It’s better to know what you have and have to ability to accept it than to pick a life you wish you hadn’t and know that it’s your own fault that you’re living that life. I know, I’m over thinking this, but I agree with this answer, and I believe it. :)
    Faye Hollidaye recently posted..MoaMy Profile

  10. Hi Priya, No question is too strange! The color that best represents Hillary in “Moa” is red. It is the color of the root chakra and when balanced creates a feeling of safety and protection. Hillary’s journey throughout “Moa” is about discovering how to protect herself and her family.

    Hillary’s element is fire. She uses her will and personal power to overcome her fears.

    Thanks for asking!

  11. So true, Faye! Glad you enjoyed the answer :-)

  12. Shadow

    Moa sounds good! Spirit visiting a girl? I love ghosts! I cant wait to read more! Thanks for sharing! Wishing you all the best! Great interview!

  13. Ha, Kristen Stewart cleaning after your dog? :D Awesome answer! I’d also love to see who really built the pyramids!

  14. My question actually comes from the interview that I posted on my blog. You stated that you started to write in middle school. At what point, did you “determine” that you switched from writing for “hobby” to your life’s work? Did you know in middle school? Were you supported by your family members, your teachers and support system? How do you think that we can encourage children to reach within themselves to write for enjoyment?
    Naomi Blackburn recently posted..Novel Publicity Book Tour: An Interview with Tricia Stewart ShiuMy Profile

  15. Thanks, Shadow! Hope you enjoy the whirlwind as well as the book:-)

  16. We all have our crosses to bear, Jen. Or perhaps I should say ‘ankh?’ Have a great day!

  17. Great question, Naomi. for me writing is a form of self-expression, like laughter, tears or a frightful scream. My writing came in waves and I just let that happen and since it was so much a part of me, those around me either supported or shrugged. Whenever I was facing a life challenge, I was encouraged to write it out. Later in life, this served me very well, because I was able to find solutions to my own problems.

    The minute I put pen to paper (yes, that’s how I wrote at first, although, now I’ve switched to a laptop, but, occasionally, I still write by hand) back in middle school, I ‘knew’ that writing was for me! It was purely an internal decision rather than based on other’s opinions.

    Writing has never been a hobby, but more of a self-expressive tool and an outlet. If I don’t do it, I feel terrible! I believe if we encourage children to find their own self-expressive tool or outlet, it would help them write for enjoyment. Thanks for asking!

  18. I read both books and while I enjoyed the overall stories and I am looking forward to reading book #3 I felt there were some structure issues with the novels. I’ll be posting a review on my blog this week with details.

    Still, congrats on the books. I think they are entertaining, specifically for a late teen audience.
    Carrie recently posted..Behind the scenes…My Profile

  19. I would love to time travel! That is a great wish. I would probably also wish for the usual, money! lol And I would love to see fictional people living my life. Thanks for the interview.

  20. Hilarious answer about getting Kristin Stewart to pick up after your dog lol loved it.
    Jessica ( frellathon ) recently posted..Erotic Toy Town Evolved reviewMy Profile

  21. Love this whirlwind tour, see the books mentioned all over the place!

    That time bubble is something I would wish for too! And a magic inoculation so I can’t pick up scary diseases :D
    Sylvia van Bruggen recently posted..My first ever doodle interview: David Cohen!My Profile

  22. I finished reading Moa and enjoyed it very much. Now I’m working my way through Statue of Ku — I find it fascinating how you have woven history, spirituality, and the metaphysical into a modern day story.
    Kate recently posted..Review: Moa by Tricia Stewart ShiuMy Profile

  23. I like the time travel bubble comment, I think it would be awesome to go back in time…not necessarily stay there but just a visit!!!
    Kathleen Kelly (@CelticLady1953) recently posted..Shadow of This World by Nya RawlynsMy Profile

  24. Jill A. Collins

    Thanks for offering these books at such an amazing price on I look forward to reading them soon.

  25. Great interview, I myself am love the idea of time travel. You go back and tease the little brothers a bit.
    Cricket recently posted..Gone Blog Tour: Giveaway & Guest Post with Author C.R. HiattMy Profile

  26. So glad you’re looking forward to Moa Book #3 “The Iron Shinto!” I look forward to reading your review. :-)

  27. Aha! Money is something I didn’t wish for but would be quite helpful! I’ve always enjoyed imagining traveling to other times and interacting with the people (fictional or not).

  28. My dog would be happy to have Kristen Stewart care for him! Glad you liked the answer. :-)

  29. So glad you’re seeing “Moa” and “Statue of Ku” all over the place! The whirlwind continues…whoosh!

  30. Thanks for the comment, Kate. Both books were a joy to write and I’m so happy to hear that you are enjoying the books!

  31. I’m all about the fun! Every once in a while, I enjoy a good time travel fantasy. Why not?

  32. I appreciate your support during the Whirlwind Blog Tour! Looking forward to your thoughts on “Moa” and “Statue of Ku.”

  33. It’s fun to think of all the “redos” you can do in one trim travel trip. You have your brothers, I have my choir teacher. Either way it should be great fun!

  34. That is really interesting, You’re an excessively skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking extra of your excellent post. Also, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks
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  35. Mary Preston

    I loved how your personality just shone through with every answer. I had a laugh.

    I’m looking forward to reading MOA.

  36. Thanks for letting me take part in this tour! I’ve cleared a few days in my schedule to read both Moa and Statue of Ku! Their location seems beyond interesting to me since I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii!

  37. Denise Z

    Moa certainly sounds like a fun ride of a read and I love it that there is already a book two. Looking forward to the journey :)

  38. Had a great time hosting you on the site and thought that your interview answers were great. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Kai recently posted..Indiegogo and other assorted funMy Profile

  39. Elizabeth

    It’s great to see strong female protagonists in a book with fantasy elements! It’s outside my genre, but sounds like a fun read.

  40. Mary Ann Woods

    I love the fact that you see your life as resembling Mary Tyler Moore’s. That has always been my favorite tv show. It’s optimistic and happy with an occastional disaster thrown in.

  41. It’s always funny to me that the thing we absolutely tell our selves, WE WILL NOT DO, we end up doing…ie: your apartment situation. I’ve learned to Never Say Never. LOL

    Kristin Aragon recently posted..{Teaser Tuesday} Double Clutch by Liz ReinhardtMy Profile

  42. What a fabulous sounding story – and the story behind it too! Best of luck with the books – definitely looking forward to reading them. Great giveaways/contest too – not only did I learn something about your book(s), but also got to find a few new blogs. Thanks! :)

    Jill Elizabeth (Jill Franclemont) recently posted..On the Value of Themes and the Concept of Grand Unification (sort of)My Profile

  43. ANN*H

    great review – I always like to read how an author was inspired to write this sort of book or where they got their idea from. I have not read any of your books yet but they do peek my interest now after reading this page. good luck on your whirlwind tour.

  44. Congrats, Carrie. You won an autographed copy of Statue of Ku! Please send an email to to claim your prize. I’ll be emailing you as well :-D
    Emlyn Chand recently posted..Twitterview with @TStewartShiu, author of MoaMy Profile

  45. Congrats, Sylvia. You won an autographed copy of Moa! Please send an email to to claim your prize. I’ll be emailing you as well :-D
    Emlyn Chand recently posted..Twitterview with @TStewartShiu, author of MoaMy Profile

  46. Amazing!
    Cheryl recently posted..Get a Free Diabetic MeterMy Profile