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  • $100 Amazon gift card (random) – Shelly Brown
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Sykosa really, really wants to go to prom! It’s, like, the biggest of big things in her mind. But, the guy she likes isn’t asking her. (Can you believe him?) While she sits around waiting for him to get his act together, tell us, did you go to your high school prom and did you get to go with your dream guy/girl? Answering this question will get you one entry. To score a second, post an additional comment and tell us a funny or interesting story about your prom night.

  • The most riveting story wins a Kindle Fire, and one random entrant will win the $100 gift card
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Holy wow, talk about lots of awesome prizes!

Prom is a big deal. And it’s not just the night itself, which is great, but Sykosa will tell you, in her most girly of girly fantasies, what makes Prom prom is the preparation. Prom is about shopping with your mom, spending too much on a dress, approaching accessorizing as if its proper balance could give clue as to the Grand Unification Theory, freaking out about your weight in the lighthearted way, organizing with all your girlfriends, and right or wrong, pairing off boys and girls. It’s about spring time and feeling renewed, it’s about dancing, and by that she means dancing—in heels, in a dress, your hair up in some fancy bun with your bangs coming down along your face in lazy curls, and with someone’s hands on your hips. Plus, boys go to great lengths not to be all stinky and gross, so that’s definitely cool.

Sykosa is a fool for prom, or as it’s known at her prestigious prep school, Prom.

It’s capitalized because her school has a snobby, superiority complex that, while annoying, causes them to put such extravagance into everything it sometimes becomes worth the emotional baggage. Sykosa’s also excited because it’s her first Prom, and just like in the storybooks!, her dream, and most dreamy, guy, Tom, has started to date her, which means he’s gonna ask her to Prom, too!

At least she thinks he’s gonna ask.

The problem is he hasn’t done it yet. There’s many, many crappy reasons why he might have not, including that he secretly worries going will be traumatic for her. You see, last year, Tom had an “accident” and Sykosa was involved in it. In fact, if Sykosa hadn’t been there, Tom woulda been fine. It’s all really, really messed up and she knows they need to deal with it but can’t they deal with it later? Like after she gets to dress up like a princess and have her night? Is that not okay?

Why is it never okay?

Also, Sykosa gets uncomfortable when she makes people uncomfortable, and is terrified of awkward silences, so she’s gonna move on now! While she has her Prom blueprint completely mapped out in her mind, she wants to know what you thought about your prom! Did you go with your dream guy or girl? Do you have a funny story or memory? Did you or did a—cough, cough—“friend” of yours make a tragic fashion mishap that was oh-so-cool at the time, but makes you shriek in embarrassment now?

Please come share! Sykosa wants to know!

Here’s a reminder of what you’ve got to do to enter:

  1. Tell us, did you go to your high school prom, and did you get to go with your dream guy/girl?
  2. Post an additional comment and tell us a funny or interesting story about your prom night.
Here’s a reminder of those fabulous prizes:
  • The most riveting story wins a Kindle Fire, and one random entrant will win the $100 gift card
  • Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter contest for your shot at two additional $50 Amazon gift cards

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This contest is closed, and the winners are...
  • Kindle Fire (most creative) – Kriss Morton
  • $100 Amazon gift card (random) – Shelly Brown
  • Autographed book copy (random) – Sara B


  1. I did go to my prom and I did go with my dream guy (at the time). He was my current boyfriend and we were smitten! :)

  2. Funny or interesting story..hmm well I did manage to make all of my professional photos that night in every pose EXCEPT for the ‘traditional prom pose’ the fun ones make the best pictures!

  3. I went to my prom without a date. It was a cruise of the Puget Sound (yes, I am from Washington state just like Sykosa!). The neat thing was that we had a principal that really liked us, and he set it up during our junior year. He then had to move on, and we got a new principal. If it had not been set up ahead of time, we wouldn’t have gotten to go. Our new principal didn’t like doing anything like that.

    While at the prom, I hung out with the “choir” people. The guy I liked was there, but he took no notice of me. I remember seeing him with his date, and at the end of the prom, I can remember sitting down and feeling very sad for a few moments.

    My prom was great, however. I am so glad I went. It was definitely one of the highlights of my high school career even though I was without a date!
    Ruth Hill recently posted..This Day in History April 6, 1926My Profile

  4. While I had a date, I was really pining after another tuxedo clad cutie.

  5. I’m British so no prom for me :(
    Shah Wharton recently posted..10 Tips To Getting Booked on Radio & TVMy Profile

  6. Oh I loved my Prom!!! I was in love with this guy in school (lets call him Jay.) I did everything to catch his eye. Nothing worked. I was working at a restaurant with this adorable 23 year old man. Oh he was sooooo cute. I asked him if he would go with me to my prom so that I could make Jay jealous. The 23 year old agreed. We had an awesome time. We saw Jay once (and he was shocked) but I didn’t care. I was just having such a good time. The 23 year old and I stayed friends until he went off to college, and Jay and I never got together. It was for the better though. I met my dream man shortly after highschool and married him!!! Jay got older, heavier, and balder!!!
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  7. And although there was a Prom at the end of University, my friend and I abandoned the hype and went to watch a grungy band play rock music at our local, then we had a curry, then we went to dance the night away. We made the right choice according to everyone we met later, who’d been to the Prom. But I do look back and regret that I might have missed out. Regarding any hotties – Not a one! :( I had to wait a long time to find my true love – another six year to be exact. X
    Shah Wharton recently posted..10 Tips To Getting Booked on Radio & TVMy Profile

  8. One of my friends was extremely late getting to the prom, because her limo took her to the wrong place!! She also spilled some tomato juice down her pink dress at the prom, and then ripped one of her spaghetti straps right off. She had a pretty hard time!!
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  9. Arthur Hall

    I didn’t go to my prom as I was crippling shy and could not work up the courage to ask “her”. I finally started coming out of my shell, senior year. I wish I could go back and give my younger self a smack.

  10. During my junior prom, I went with one of the cute guys in my class. He was very nice and such a gentleman. He came out during college. He’s still one of the cool dudes of my batch. ;)

    I went stag with most of girl friends to my senior prom. It was sort of a tradition in my school where the whole senior class would dance to a choreographed walt or some other ballroom dance. My friends and I hid in the bathroom until the dance was over. Hah! ;)

  11. I love the mythology of prom as it’s shown in teen movies, but I didn’t go to the prom in real life. I would’ve gone if someone had asked me, but no one asked me and I didn’t really have anyone I wanted to ask. I was very thrifty, sort of a tomboy and not interested in shopping with my mom. The event was not enough of a priority to go alone, or do the emotional work of rounding up a bunch of friends.
    Alyson Miers recently posted..In which I spend a little while talking about racism.My Profile

  12. Shadow

    I went to my prom and it sucked. Im not one for dresses and i cant walk in anything but sneakers or i trip and half the time fall. I ended up going stag with a friend, we didnt have very much fun. The music wasnt very good, the dance floor was crowded and i was so uncomfortable! We stayed maybe an hour. I did have a friend though that was there and when she was dancing, one of her boobs popped out of her dress, and another friends date seen and threw up. That was interesting to say the least. Another got into trouble because he stole money from his mom and she hunted him down at the dance (quite embarrassing for him!) and so on. It was kind of a hellish night. Oh! I wore flat shoes, and wouldnt you know it, i still tripped (more than once!!) lol And on the way to the dance, my friends car stalled and then stopped in the middle of a 4-way. Dangerous, embarrassing and scary! Then we got lost! Missed the dinner, and couldnt find anywhere to park. The whole night was a mess! That was a prom i could have skipped and been very happy!!

  13. Let’s just say I am not the most coordinated girl in the world. While my skills have improved, me in heels and a pretty dress, sprinkled with some nerves, adds up to disaster.

    I had a date for the prom, fortunitely he was a very kind one. The actual prom went off without a hitch, it was on the way to the afterparty that things went bad. We were crossing the parking lot to get to the next building when the most beautiful boy in the 12th grade passed. While I should have been watching my oversized feet, I had my eyes on his perfectly formed behind strolling a few feet in front of me. First Mistake. I tripped, flew into him and skinned my knee on the way down. The impact of my bump knocked him into his date, Queen of all that’s perfect. It was not Mr. Beautiful that came to my rescue, he turned around and gave me a horrible scowl as he rushed to help his overprimped damzel. It my date, who I previously pegged as ordinary and even a bit boring who scooped me up, found me a band-aid and fixed me up with a smile. We enjoyed the rest of the night and I kept my eyes on MY date. He was the hero of my night and the one I remember many years later.

    Somewhere in my mom’s box of embarrasing I have the pictures of my mangled knee. Oh, the memories.

  14. Ironically, I never went due to not one, not two, but FOUR Advanced Placement tests the next week (next day for one of them). So the only things I remember from “prom” night was frantically looking over study books with my friends :)
    Krystal Larson recently posted..Book Wedge Review and Giveaway!My Profile

  15. I did not go to prom. I was asked by a really cute guy but said no because my family was going out of town and I had to go. Wish I could go back and change things now. Maybe my life would be different today. The things we look back at now and wish we could change. :)

  16. Sara B.

    I was able to go to prom 3 times because I was asked as a sophomore. I enjoyed it all three times, but my favorite was my senior year when I went with a guy friend of mine who’d taken swing dance lessons with me. We tore it up on the dance floor!

  17. I did not go to prom. My friend Elizabeth went on this long tirade against my mom to let me go and even came back to the “You have no date” argument with “I’ll ask her to prom if that means she can go.” Look on my mom’s face was priceless. Anyway, mom went into this huge self-confidence shattering tirade about how overweight I was (280 pounds at the time) and how it would cost a lot of money to find one that would look good on me. She didn’t mean anything by it but yeah I didn’t really need another blow to the already shattered self confidence.

    So my friends devised a plot. They were going to go to prom and then come pick me up in the limo afterward to go bowling. So I stayed up and waited for as long as I could and then went to bed, figuring mom would wake me up when they got here. Apparently she tried to and I told her (still in my sleep) that I didn’t want to go. She told them maybe you guys can do this some other time.

    Yeah sure we can go bowling in a limo some other time.. Thanks mom..

    So the next morning I wake up, figuring my friends had so much fun at prom they forgot about me until the neighbor asked me why there was a limo out in front of my house last night. Needless to say, I ran back into the house and asked my mom why she didn’t wake me up and she told me what happened. *facepalm*

  18. I did not get to go to prom with my dream guy. But I did get to wear an awesome dress.

  19. Funny note about the prom — when we went to get our pictures taken, I was taller than my date and the photographer had me sit down for the photo. The “awesome” dress that I was so stoked about wearing became my ultimate embarrassment as I realized the way the photographer positioned my date, he could see right down my cleavage. The picture captured the fact that my date did in fact realize the sudden view he had of me. I was mortified.

  20. My prom was a long, long time ago :) …I couldn’t remember anything extraordinary about it, we attended, we danced, we went home :)

  21. Annette D

    I went to the prom with the boy who later became my husband. We dated throughout high school and he was a year older that I was, so we went to three proms together. This was in the 70s and while the dresses I wore seem to have stood up to the test of time, the tuxes my date wore were “Miami Vice” pastel. We have two sons, and they both in recent years went to their proms. I thought it might be fun for them to see our prom pictures. They nearly fell on the floor laughing at their father’s choices of light blue and yellow tuxes.

  22. My best friend and I double-dated to the prom. She went with her steady boyfriend and I went with his best friend who was dark-haired, blue-eyed and so completely swoon worthy, he should have been a model. And better yet, he was charming and sweet! I was in heaven.

    Only, the whole time we danced, I was gazing into his eyes, thinking “Kiss me kiss me kiss me.” My best friend was getting plenty of lip action, of course, and I thought my night would be perfect if only Mr. Dreamy would lay one on me.

    He didn’t.

    It wasn’t until many years later that my best friend let me know my date was gay. So at least I know it wasn’t because I wasn’t smoochalicious that night! :)

    Best of luck with the book and thanks for the giveaway!

    Cyndi Tefft recently posted..Between Book Three!My Profile

  23. I didn’t go to my HS prom, didn’t even consider going – instead, I went to grad night, which was a state-wide, all-night event at Disneyland in Anaheim for high-school graduates, held on the night of graduation. I went by myself, but wound up sitting on the bus next to a guy I had known casually since about the 6th grade, who was insanely bright (but introverted)and also by himself – and we started talking… We finished up doing grad night together, hit all of the nice rides, ate breakfast at 3 AM and had a wonderful time. Never saw him again, though. But had a better time than I could ever have had at some silly prom!
    Celia Hayes recently posted..April in the GardenMy Profile

  24. Hollie

    There wasn’t high school proms in the UK when I left school. So I spent way to much on my daughter last year when she left high school

  25. Abria Mattina

    I went to prom (we just call it grad in Canada) with the man who is now my fiancé. High school dances really weren’t my thing, but I went to prom because I thought it was one of those high school experiences everyone is supposed to have. It turned out to be a pretty fun night, except that half the graduating class got food poisoning from the chicken. Lesson learned: never eat something as easily contaminated as chicken at a banquet for 300. The quality just won’t be there.
    Abria Mattina recently posted..Beyond KindleMy Profile

  26. did you go to your high school prom and did you get to go with your dream guy?

    absolutely YES! to both – to prom and with my dream guy ”) who became my husband and father of my three gorgeous children !!

  27. The most riveting story … ahhh, will have to settle for second place *pretty please* as I didn’t go to the Prom :-(!
    Birgit recently posted..Book 101 – AudiobooksMy Profile

  28. Charity Parkerson

    I did not get to go to prom with my dream guy :-(

  29. MIchelle Adams

    I went to prom with a guy that I had met only a month before. he was so sweet and it was so much fun. i got to get all dressed up (something I didn’t do too much of in high school) and I felt like a princess!

  30. Well, I didn’t get to go to prom. About 2 months prior, I was in a car accident that left me pretty injured. I was still in the hospital 3 hours away at the time of prom. However, the day/night of prom my boyfriend at the time drove up there, brought some movies, junk food, and flowers. We just chilled all night at the hospital. The nurses were telling everyone to leave us alone and would bring us sodas and stuff. lol. It was actually a funny night considering where we were. So no, I didn’t go to prom, but yes, I spent the prom day/night with the guy of my dreams (at the time).
    Christy recently posted..Hoppy Easter Eggstravaganza GiveawayMy Profile

  31. A funny story from my “prom” night…

    My boyfriend was laying next to me in the hospital bed – it was totally innocent. One crabby nurse busted in the room and said “this isn’t a hotel!” We couldn’t help but to laugh at the way she did it, like she caught us in the heat of passion or something. My doctor happened to be outside and heard, he called her out and told her to leave us alone. Thankfully her shift was over soon and the fun nurses came on.
    Christy recently posted..Hoppy Easter Eggstravaganza GiveawayMy Profile

  32. Here is my prom story:
    I had been having a hard time in high school, I transferred my Senior year to a large public school from a smaller school.
    It was a bit scary & a bit overwhelming. I was not doing as well with grades and felt like I wanted to drop out.
    I did not have a boyfriend-boyfriend. So I was worried about going alone to Prom when time came.
    I did not have a crush on the school president or a big time jock, I had a crush on this cute, quiet, photographer named Dennis. We were friends and hung out and talked all the time. We were bud’s, pals, etc.
    My Dad was in between jobs, I had a part time job at Pizza Hut for 4$ an hour (this was awhile ago..lolz.) and Dennis’s Dad was having his own issues.
    It (Prom) seemed doomed. Prom costs money, even if you don’t go all crazy and bling bling on your clothes and limo, etc. it’s a couple hundred bucks total.
    We decided not to go. It’s was just not financially responsible at the time.
    We thought we would just watch movies together at his house with a few pals that were not going for whatever their own reasons were.
    I was told to dress up like I was still going to the dance. It would be fun, so my pal Tricia said.
    I grumbled a bit, but I did it.
    My pal picks me up and she is wearing her little hippy dress and looks really cute.
    We are driving over and arguing about which movie we would see..
    We get to Dennis’s house and he comes out and gives me a bouquet of picked flowers, they were lovely, all different colors and shapes.
    We go into his finished basement where we hang out and watch tv,chill, etc.
    It’s dark. Then BAM! It lights up with Xmas lights, lava lamps, one of those crazy disco balls on a pedastal, black lite posters and bulbs, stick on the ceiling/walls glow in the dark stars,etc.
    Birthday party streamers, balloons, xmas decorations are everywhere!
    It was a loud, bright, twinkling hot mess! lolz.. BUT it was the most beautiful hot mess I ever saw!
    There were about 10 of us total, not one of us had a proper prom dress, tux, or corsage, but we had MORE fun (so I like to think) than anyone else.
    It was a cool surprise prom and while I technically never went to a real prom in HS, I don’t believe that. I DID got to a real prom, the best one EVER!
    Francine (@BooksAndBey0nd) recently posted..Waiting On WednesdayMy Profile

  33. Aww..I’m sorry you were in the hospital for your prom! Thats sweet your bf came to spend it with you :)
    Francine (@BooksAndBey0nd) recently posted..Waiting On WednesdayMy Profile

  34. I went to prom with one of my best friends. He was a year younger than I was so I asked him.

    My girlfriend asked another common friend (also a year younger) and we went as a ‘group’. It was MORE than perfect. We didn’t have a million opinions choosing where we ate and how big the limo and who could NOT be in our group. It was just four friends putting on our best clothes, going out to a fancy restaurant, and dancing the night away.
    Shelly Brown recently posted..Friend Friday: Heather DavisMy Profile

  35. Funny prom story:

    We went to prom in San Francisco and had a 40 minute drive home. We were pretty doggone tired by the time prom ended that everyone but the driver fell asleep on the way home.

    When I woke up we were in Sacramento. Sacramento was about an hour from home. My date had accidently taken the wrong freeway.

    I felt terrible for having fell asleep and stayed awake the rest of the way home.

    This was before the days of cell phones so we just hoped our parents weren’t going to kill us as we snuck in at 4 in the morning.
    Shelly Brown recently posted..Friend Friday: Heather DavisMy Profile

  36. I did go to my prom but most definitely not with the girl of my dreams. Though I did like the girl I took well enough, it just wasn’t the same. The girl of my dreams, the girl I’d been in love with for several years by that point was my best friend at the time and I never crossed that line. So though I had a good time at prom, it was difficult to see the girl I would rather be with dancing with somebody else.

  37. As Abria mentioned, it’s the grad dance where I grew up, rather than prom. But same idea. I didn’t go for two reasons: I left high school a year early to go to university, so I didn’t graduate (so technically I’m a dropout); and I suffered from extreme social phobia, so as they say, wild horses couldn’t have dragged me there.
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  38. I went to prom with my highschool sweetheart who I later married and then divorced eight years later…no worries though, I met the love of my life in 2003 and we had two beautiful babies together!
    Alisha recently posted..Some Books Stay Forever In Your HeartMy Profile

  39. The funny story about prom night (funny NOW anyway) was the fact that I almost died before I ever got there. My parents were on their honeymoon so I was on my own. I had just gotten home from running a few errands and picking up the corsage for my date. It was early in the afternoon and I had several hours before I had to get ready.

    While I’d been out, I picked up a newspaper and a coke and was set to relax for a while. At the time, we lived next door to a set of twin girls who were about 13 or so. After parking my car, I was walking toward our back gate when I heard the twins messing around in their driveway. They apparently needed to get into the garage but their dad’s car was blocking the door. One of them had the bright idea to move the car themselves; which is about the point I had strolled up. As I heard the car start up, I peeked around the fence that divided our houses only to see the car hurtling backwards toward the street. One of the girls dove out out of the way *just* before getting smacked with the open(!) driver’s side door. The door incidentally, hit a beam on the porch of the house which cracked it and rendered the car door inoperable.

    I stood there, open-mouthed in amazement at what I was seeing. Somehow, before getting too far out into the street, the kid behind the wheel managed to throw the car in drive and came straight at me! Moving with speed that would have impressed my football coach, I dropped everything I was carrying, ran and scaled the fence between our houses. To this day I don’t know why I thought I’d be safer up there but I reacted on instinct. The car shot past me and buried itself up to the windshield in the side of my garage… also taking out my step-father’s car that was parked inside in the process.

    In comparison to that, the rest of prom night went smooth as silk. Needless to say, my prom night is a night I will never forget.

    As a side note, knowing I was going to be at work when they arrived home from their honeymoon trip… and knowing they’d think the worst straight out of the gate… I made sure to leave a big note for my parents telling them that “it wasn’t me and to see the neighbors” about the gaping hole in the wall and the banged-up car inside of the garage.

  40. Tanya C

    I did get to go to my high school prom.

    That was the night I found out how a REAL man treats a lady. A casual male friend of mine from science class asked me. He was pretty self-concious about his weight (he was a big guy), and had a killer sense of humor when he let it out. We always had a blast together in school. I was kind of a tomboy and a loner, and the thought of me in a formal dress was absurd — but we decided to walk on the wild side and go.

    He showed up at my house a little late in a beat-up old car, his thumb wrapped in a HUGE bandage that went all the way around his wrist to keep it immobile. Apparently he’d been doing some construction work for his father earlier that day to earn the use of the car to take me to prom that night (which was a 2-hour drive away). The power saw slipped and severely cut his thumb which he later had to have surgery to repair.

    He should have still been in the hospital, but he didn’t want to disappoint me (even though we were just going as friends). He said I deserved to have a night out just like Cinderella, and my chariot was waiting. I objected, of course, but he was adamant. We went, danced, chatted with friends, and left somewhat early because he was in a lot of pain.

    I still wonder what happened to him–someone with that much gumption and character had to have turned out a really awesome man, because as a teenager and a friend, he was great! How many teenage boys do you know who would do that just so a friend could live a fantasy?

  41. I started dating this guy right after I broke up with my first love. I figured having this guy as a distraction, a “rebound” if you will would stop my heart from hurting. Prom was weeks away and although I was still “in love”, I pushed forward and invited the guy I had started dating to Prom. In those weeks of planning for Prom and late night study sessions I found myself starting to really like this guy. My heart seemed to be mending itself back together with every smile he gave me and every thing he did for me. He unlike my ex was a boy of actions not words and suddenly Prom was upon us and I realized that I had fallen in love with him. The night was perfect, he was perfect; everything from the corsage to dinner even hanging out with my less than enthused friends. He whispered to me that he had a surprise and we drove to a beach about an hour away. He was gentle and loving; he dropped me off after sunrise and I felt hope renewed and restored in me. I felt like a new woman. The following Monday I waited for him to call me or to come visit but he didn’t. The days passed and not a word; I finally had the guts to go to his house only to have him tell me, “It was nice. We had fun, right? But now it’s over, they said you wouldn’t give in but….” he smiled at me and then said, “But I guess you did.” He kissed my cheek and walked back into his house. I don’t know how long I stood there on his porch, I don’t remember much of anything of that evening or the next day but I do look back in hindsight and Karma is a bitch. I was using him and he ended up completely using me.

  42. Prom night was really exciting for me. My mother had bought me this gorgeous strapless light pink dress with lace…a ball gown like Cinderella. Stunning! I even had beautiful elbow length gloves to go with it. I had gone to the beauty parlor and had my hair done in an updo and then my boyfriend, who was in college at the time showed up in a white stretch limo! We went to prom, danced a few songs and then decided we’d take a few friends with us in the limo and ride around downtown Dallas. This is where my prom night gets super freaky! We stopped at a light and notice a homeless man sitting on a bus bench. One of the guys joked that we should give him a ride. Before anyone could protest, my boyfriend was standing on the seat, looking out the moon roof, asking the dude to join us! I was mortified! I exchanged glances with my friend seated across from me and in two seconds flat, the guy was squeezing inside, shaking hands with everyone like he was the President of the United States! I remember thinking he didn’t really smell bad and didn’t really look all that bad except for his ratty jeans and the tear in his front pocket. And he really needed to comb his hair and shave. And he wasn’t that old either. We were all shocked to hear he was only 28 and had just come home from Desert Storm only a month before. He’d fallen on hard times. He told us how he was lucky to be alive when his unit was hit with a roadside bomb. He’d barely escaped and pulled one of his best buddies to safety while bullets whizzed by. He said he didn’t mind being homeless for now, at least he was alive. We all got kinda quiet and then he looked embarrassed and said he was sorry he was ruining our prom night and to just let him out at the next light. I felt sorry for him and so did everyone else and as weird as it was, I didn’t really want him to go at this point. To me, he was a hero and why he was homeless I had no idea. Well, my boyfriend then asked him how he ended up homeless. He’d been living with his dad when he went off to war. His mother had left him and his dad when he was only 2. He had no idea where she was or if she was even alive. He came home from the war to bury his father who had died of a heart attack while gardening. Everyone in the limo mumbled I’m sorrys. What a sad story. I wanted to know his name so I asked him. My name is Mark, he had said, and when dad passed on, I just couldn’t pay the mortgage and had to let the house go. We all gasped. What rotten luck! We stopped at the next light and he again apologized for ruining our prom night. I touched his shoulder and told him he didn’t ruin a thing and then I thanked him for his service and wished him luck. He smiled at me. His smile was so full of life. A very handsome smile. He said, “You’re welcome. Have fun tonight.” He kissed me on the cheek and then shook my boyfriend’s hand. My boyfriend pulled his wallet out and handed him a hundred dollar bill. Mark shook his head. “Nah, man. I can’t take your money.” My boyfriend was pretty smooth. “Take it. Consider it a loan from Uncle Sam. You deserve it.” I swear, I think I saw tears forming in Mark’s eyes. He nodded and said, “Thanks, man. This is kinda like a miracle to me. I have a job interview tomorrow and I had no idea how I’d get new clothes for it.” My boyfriend smiled at him and slapped him on the shoulder. “There ya go, man! Good luck at your interview and thanks for being my hero.” Mark smiled again and opened the door and walked to the sidewalk where he sat on another bus stop bench. We watched as he tried to stuff the bill into his front pocket. He’d forgetten it was torn. When he realized it, he stood up and stuffed into his front jeans pocket and waved at us. We waved back though I guess he couldn’t see because of the tinted windows. As we pulled away when the light turned green, I felt older and more happy than I ever imagined I’d be for a homeless guy who rode with us on our prom night.
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  43. I did go to my prom with my dream guy who soon after became my husband and almost 10 years later I’m still in love.

    Nothing really funny happened that I was aware of as him and I just basically sat with friends and left early.
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  44. I went to senior prom with a very large group of friends. The most riveting, heart-stopping moment occurred not at that dance (although I’m sure the kids who got stuck on the elevator would beg to differ) but after. My friend and I were following home another friend and her date, when their car swerved to miss a possum. Their car went careening off the road, narrowly missed a row of pine trees, and came to rest in someone’s yard. Of course the police and ambulance showed up, and they were all convinced we’d been drinking. Thankfully, everyone was okay. We went home and went to bed after that, all of us pretty shaken up. Yeah . . . prom was pretty much a bust!
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  45. Yes, I went to prom! I went with a guy I thought was totally awesome. He was, but prom was not what I expected. We were in a big ballroom that had a balcony above. Parents were able to purchase tickets to be on the balcony, so they could watch. My date did not want to be seen dancing with me by his parents, so we ended up sitting by the refreshment table most of the time.
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  46. Geesh prom…. Well two weeks before prom, I was with my best friend we were going to meet up with her boyfriend. Well his best friend was there :) Yeah I’m sure you can all guess that we were pretty much forced to talk.
    Two days later, April 8, 2007, we started dating…. a few days after that he asked me to prom, which was the 20th! So, of course I said yes, I was a Freshman getting asked to go to prom with a Junior, from another school!
    Needless to say that night was awesome!
    We all had to drive to the place we were eating, and dancing, and I was beyond nervous. First of all He wasnet a dancer, I had only known him two weeks. Secondly I was a horrible dancer! Thankfully he was as nervous as I was! Well maybe, he had dated before, where as he was my very first boyfriend ever!
    After the dancing was done, we were allowd to leave to change, before we had to catch the buses for After Prom. I met his family, on prom night! I didnt know he had any siblings let alone 2 brothers and a sister! I also found out, I hate farm geese, and goats can be really stubborn!
    In the end I have to say prom was the first real date we had, and it started our life togeather. This Easter Sunday, 4-8-2012, is our 5 year anniversary, and I can still remember that night like it was yesterday!

  47. I did go to my prom, but no I didn’t go with “my dream guy” because he’s a guy and so am I – and it was 1976. Things have changed a lot since then…unfortunately, though, we still live in the dark ages when it comes sexuality in school.
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  48. I was very shy and awkward in high school. I crushed on a guy all the way through but he never even knew I existed. There was one boy who jokingly asked me to go to prom with him, but he was just a boy in one of my classes, we weren’t even friends and I didn’t believe he meant it. I did not go to my prom. :(
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  49. I went to Prom with a group of my best friends, and our dates. I would have to say that while I had a date, he was most defiantly not my dream guy.

  50. Bennet Pomerantz

    I went to my high school prom, but it was strange how I got there.

    The day before the prom, the limo comapny called me on the phone and said the limo I rented would be in the shop. I asked if there was any other car of driver they had. they said “No, son..but you can pick any other day I wanted” I asked for a refund, the guy said he would get back to me..BY THE WAY, he did not get back to me until a week after the prom. The company suggest another trip, i told him i wanted my money or the family lawyer would discuss it with him. I got my money back

    I digress, I told my mother. She called my father who rented a Lincoln Town car. He and mother drove my date Diane and myself to prom. They both waited in the hotel parking lot for us.

    We arrived at eight pm.The music in the hotel ballroom seemed too loud for Diane and me. The flashing strobes annoyed both of our eyes. What amazed me was Diane’s openness to agree with me

    We left the prom an hour after we got there.

    My father suggested, since the hotel was in Georgetown anyway, we should go to the American Cafe. The cafe was a block away. I walked hand and hand with Diane

    My mom and dad treated Diane and I to a cherries jubalee for two. It was a special night. Diane and I didnt feel like we were with my parents, just was with each other.

    Funny, a few of our friends left prom for the same reason we did. our table kept getting more and more crowded with castaways from the prom…until my father, in his great wisdom, said “You all have fun, I will meet you in the car”

    What I didn’t know was my father had had his cred=it card number on file there. towards the end of the night, I asked the waitress for the bu=ill. She said “That older gentleman paid for it all. and he was waiting in the car for us when we were ready.”

    we came back to car, he and my mom were snuggling in our arms and napping in the front seat. I almost didnt want to get in the car and spoil the magic of the evening

  51. I had a major horse show that weekend. Prom actually seemed like a pretty minor thing compared to competing, so I didn’t go :)

  52. I did not go to prom with my dream guy. The guy I went with was a good friend, but he was gay (although we didn’t know it at the time). And it was a long story……
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  53. We fooled them all! But at what cost? To prove that I wasn’t gay one of my best female friends (whom I later learned is a lesbian – oh how this weird world revolves!) she and I played boyfriend/girlfriend for a couple of months and went to the prom. Although she wore braces, she was a very pretty girl. My boyfriend at the time, who was also in the closet (remember – 1976) also went to the prom, but he went with his twin sister. Sometime during the evening my friend said, “Let’s give them a show.” SO besides dancing “cheek-to-cheek” we shamelessly made out for all to watch for over an hour. Most of the bullies in my school wondered no more whether or not I was gay . The fall out, however, happened the next day…my boyfriend was so jealous that he never spoke to me again. Also…my lips were so cut up (from her braces) that it hurt to eat or talk for almost a week. Not to mention she gave me a bunch of hickeys and my parents freaked out (although I think my father was very happy that he bragged to his co-workers forever!
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  54. And the long story of my prom starts here….

    My friend-date Reuben and I were part of a video production class that was producing a short film about the high school. There was another girl, I’ll call her Tania, who was also in our class and supposed to be filming the event with us. Well, Reuben and I ended up spending almost all night filming and doing nothing else. I finally sought out Tania and told her it was time she took a turn

    Well, Tania looked at me with utmost contempt. She was there with her boyfriend and had no intention of working during the prom. She took one snarky look at me when I told her to take the camera and said “I’m not touching that thing. Unlike some people I have a REAL date.”

    So I smacked her SO hard upside the head. Messed up her hair and everything. Everyone who was standing around gasped. I was so angry that I had to walk away before I hit her again. And wouldn’t you know it, for the rest of the night I had people coming up to me and congratulating me for finally giving Tania what she deserved! My date, Reuben laughed, but he also gave me a bit of a lecture of why I shouldn’t have up and hit someone at prom.

    But it was worth it!

    Oh, and we never ended up using the footage of prom in the video because it was too dark. Go figure!
    Merry Farmer recently posted..Author Salon (And Why It’s Brilliant!)My Profile

  55. OH my prom! I went to my Junior and Senior prom. Both were memorable. Senior prom was especially memorable however. I was only taking two classes by that point, the only reason I did not graduate early, in fact, was just so I could attend prom. I was already taking college classes and dating a college boy. Problem with that? I went to a Catholic Prep School and we were not allowed to bring anyone to prom that was out of High School or if he was he or she had to be an alumni of the school. I ended up having to go with my ex-boyfriend, who was still a friend.

    My prom dress was horrendous, I wish I still have a photo of it. I hated it my mom was making me do Cottilion in the fall so she would not pay a lot for my dress and I only had 60 dollars saved up, I felt like Pretty in Pink, heck it was the 80’s. I Had big hair and it was dyed blond, in fact I touched it up Wednesday before Prom. SO come Wednesday night, after I finished touching up my dark auburn roots with a bleaching kit because I could not afford to go to the hair dresser, (I still had to have money for the room afterwards) I quickly washed it out, and went to try my outfit on for my friend WITHOUT looking in the mirror at my hair.

    The look on my friends face was one of pure horror. My hair was red blonde to start off with (much like this, which is my senior photo and taken in the summer before my senior year when I was chubby and yes it was the 80’s that is blue eye shadow, deal!)Apparently you do not use a bleaching/streak kit to touch up roots because I now had calico hair (the photos have been destroyed) Black, BRIGHT red, brown, WHITE… *faceplant* now Mom had to get involved, I was hysterical, my dress was this dress in buttercream and I do not remember it looking as good on me, but than again.. calico right? )

    So off we go to the hairdresser. My hair was to down past the middle of my back similar in the front to the image above but I had KILLER feathered bangs! Well it cost my mother $150 I remember and never will forget because she chanted it for a week after prom. It was now MADONNA blonde, to fix it, and it was a foot shorter. UGH! Last year I was blonde let me tell you!

    Prom was a let down after that drama. My ex-boyfriend showed up in his dad’s BMWer, cool right? NO he had bought a bunch of booze, got drunk in the hotel room, couldn’t dance, my best friend lost her virginity that night in a bad way, I was still wrapped up in the fact every time I looked in the mirror I saw a trashy blond in a stupid LACE dress that was some godawful trashy beigish yellow color and the band sucked..

    Would I do it again? HELL YES IT WAS PROM!
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  56. My Prom story is kind of sad, but sweet. I went with one of my guy friends who I thought was really sweet and I had a bit of a crush on. We went in a huge group, and we had a blast until we got to the dance. My cousin wanted to dance with my date, and it didn’t see the problem. Until my date left me alone at the dance to go out to dinner/breakfast with my cousin, and left me stranded and dateless. When I went outside all upset, the hot quarterback, told me I looked amazing, and that my date was a fool for leaving me at the dance. Total storybook moment!

  57. I went to prom, but I did not go with my dream gal. Heck I didn’t even really want to go, but I was blackmailed by my mother and the gal who ended up being my date.

    Not sure if it’s funny or whatever, but I spent virtually my entire prom on a frozen street corner in downtown Chicago, because my date couldn’t make up her mind what she wanted to do and didn’t want to walk further because her feet hurt. If this wasn’t bad enough I spent virtually the entire time listening to graphic details of her sex life which did not include me.

  58. Beckyh Johnson

    Yes I did! And yes he was! Romantically so, he’s now my hubby of 8 year! ♥

  59. Beckyh Johnson

    A fairly entertaining story – I think and hope!
    My date, now hubby, and I were in full swing, dancing our socks off and pretty much rocking. There was a live band, who were ace at the time, but I confident were actually pretty shocking!
    My hubby, looking very dapper in his velvet trousers (hee…) began to rock just a little bit harder than most. After deciding it was a phenomenally good idea (only he will be able to explain that!)to hop onto the stage and jump off (fortunately not onto the crowd, as I’m sure the crowd would have parted like he was Moses), he launched into the air, legs squat up and reached high. What a legend – gawf!
    It was on his decent down to Earth that even I heard the rip, the tear and of course saw the look of mortification on his face.
    I on the other hand, found it extremely difficult not to collapse and roll on the floor laughing. I had to really contain myself and my bladder – seriously!
    Once upright, the cause of the rip became absolutely apparent; the seam between his crotch and backside was split into two! Thank goodness his was going commando!
    After the ‘reveal’, we did have to make a pretty hasty exit and leave early. And fortunately for him, I found this highly entertaining and somewhat endearing! The first of many entertaining stories revolving around my hubby! :-)

  60. i’m British so no prom, and right up until the very last dance at senior school the boys didn’t even look at me. I was always in the shadow of my best friend. But that was ok.., as I’ll explain in my next comment.
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  61. I actually DID go to prom with my dream guy, which really surprised me and made for an awesome senior year of high school.
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  62. I went to prom with a group of girlfriends my junior. My dream guy was clueless, and didn’t ask me out. Still had a great time.

  63. Additional story. I had a date to my senior prom. He was someone I had a crush on, so I was thrilled. Well, it turned out to be a bad date. He was possessive and wouldn’t dance. He was mad when I danced with other friends. Ugh, I couldn’t wait to leave. Before we left, a friend invited us to an after party. My date wanted to go, but I said I was ready to go home. After he dropped me off at home, I changed my clothes and went to the party without him. I had a great time. I chatted up another guy that night, and ended up dating him. Just goes to show that what we want isn’t always what we need :)

  64. I did not get to go to my high school prom. I waited and waited for someone to ask me. I was fairly popular and pretty easy on the eyes, but I never got invited to be anybody’s prom date in all four years of high school. I figured my chance had passed and I would never get to have the experience all high school girls dream about. I missed out.

    I grew up, lived life, and struggled along through several failed relationships. I feared my life was a metaphor. I would never be asked to the ball. There was no Prince Charming in sight.

    At age 32, I met my soulmate, a union Boilermaker. Prince Charming swept me off my feet and asked me to the ball, literally! I will never forget being asked to attend “The Boilermakers Ball.” I got a beautiful dress, had my hair done, and got to stay in a fancy hotel and eat amazing food with my dream man by my side. We even got our pictures taken, just like at a prom. We used that picture as our engagement announcement picture.

    I believe that it just goes to show you that if you dream an impossible dream, it can come true, no matter how old you are. I finally got to go to the big dance with my dream guy. It was a magical night and I’ll never forget feeling like a Princess.
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  65. It was fun to read all your comments!

    I did not go to prom, because we do not have prom like you have in US. We have similar party and even though it’s different, I will share the experience with you.

    I had just broke up with my high-school crush and it was quite difficult for me. But I did have fun with my friends. I had a very nice and beautiful prom dress which was white and in 60s retro style with white long gloves. I loved my dress and I looked good in it too. I got to dance the whole night with my friends and admirers, so in total it was a fun evening!
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  66. Additional comment. One year of high school, I did have a steady boyfriend. However, I was still in high school and he had already left for his first year of college, so I still didn’t get to go to prom. I figured a guy friend or even some girlfriends would give me pity and say they wanted to go and I could be their “date”, but that didn’t happen either! Imagine me right now with bottom lip out and puppy dog eyes. I felt so unloved because of the lack of interest as a potential prom date. Thank goodness I have my very own Prince Charming story (listed above) later in life!
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  67. I didn’t go :(
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  68. And because I didn’t go no stories to tell :( :(
    Jessica ( frellathon ) recently posted..Overkill by Steven Shrewsbury newsMy Profile

  69. daphne

    When I was in 10th grade my boyfriend was a senior, he had red hair and looked awesome in his white tux with pink shirt. I wore a pink gown. When I was in 11th grade my good friend JJBat was a senior he asked me to the prom and as we were only good friends it surprized me that he rented a firebird and bought me perfume and jewelry. The flowers he bought me were a silk bouquet and they lasted years after the prom. When I was a senior my boyfriend and his friend took my best friend and I to the prom (double prom dating) all the girls got out on the dance floor and tore it up to My Sharona. Our proms were locked in and lasted all night.
    Tomarrow my oldest son goes to his senior prom they only go for 3hours with no band and just a snack with pictures being taken. Times sure have changed!!!
    Dressing up was always so much fun:)

  70. Molly Frenzel

    Wow, this sucks. I don’t have a super-duper interesting or even remotely funny prom story. Maybe funny/sad in an “Oh my God, what a loser”-ish sort of way. Ok, here goes. I went to prom with the guy that I was dating at the time. Not seriously dating, at least I wasn’t serious. We went with a few other couples to dinner first, which was fabulous. Anyway, I’m a sucker for cheesecake. And caramel. And pecans. So when all three are combined, I couldn’t say “no.” I ate the cheesecake, I mean the whole, gi-mongous slice. Let’s just say I shouldn’t have eaten the cheesecake. By the time we were on our way to the actual dance, I was deathly ill. The caravan had to make a detour and drop me at home. I spent the whole night sitting on and praying to the porcelain god.

    So, no dancing, no showing off my fab dress, no pictures, no after parties…Needless to say, prom was no bueno for me. It definitely provokes the “blackness.”

  71. daphne

    additional comment, didnt get asked to the prom? Ask a guy you would like to go with what his plans are, he might just say hey why dont YOU go with me? (be bold, but cute)

  72. I invited a guy to prom. We were both in choir and he was cute, but I didn’t really know him. He was also an undergrad. We started seeing each other and he was a bit of an eager beaver. I had to hold him back. But prom night proved to be a disaster. First of all, I originally wanted to invite my brother’s friend, but my brother said he was already going with someone else.

    Fast forward to prom night. I walk into the family room in the purple velvet gown my mom made me, and there sat my brother and his friend–the one I really wanted to go to prom with! *grrr* My date’s parent’s car broke down at the end of my street … and he forgot the corsage. What a way to start the night.

  73. The first week of senior year, a guy I met junior year (who I’ll call Jay) asked me to prom. I didn’t think about what this would mean the rest of the year – that I’d already ‘given myself away’ to a guy I only saw as a friend; that people would see me going to prom with Jay as me admitting to having feelings for him. I spent the whole of that year trying to convince him that we were only going as friends, but one could tell that no matter what I said or did he wasn’t convinced.

    In March, I met Matthew. Three weeks later, he asked me to be his girlfriend at the lunch table, and when I said, “Yes” everyone at the table (about three girls) cheered. Even though I promised myself I wouldn’t date again until college, Matthew worked his way into my heart (Today is our 1 year anniversary by the way! We still love each other very very much. He’s the first guy I’ve ever loved and the first guy I’ve had an anniversary with).

    See, here’s where the drama comes in. Matthew and Jay were friends on the same team in Track. Like Sykosa, I HATE making people uncomfortable, but when Matthew asked me to go to prom with him, I couldn’t say no. I loved him. Going with him made prom something I suddenly really wanted to do. Telling Jay was one of the hardest things I had to do. For a while, Jay stopped talking to me entirely, though Matthew had a ‘man-to-man’ talk with him at some point that mended their friendship.

    I had very little money, so I went to a cheap college dress sale and purchased a 30 dollar dress that only I could fit into and some jewelry. When I tried it on, the people at the sale complimented it. A couple of days before, I saved up money to get a pedicure and manicure. When prom rolled around, my family came from Chicago to see me and him off. My cousin finished my hair as soon as Matthew walked in. I still remember the look on his face when he called me beautiful. >>> This is a picture of me and Matthew before prom.

    Prom itself was a blast! Even though Matthew wasn’t much of a partier or dancer, he still danced with me and had lots of fun too. And Jay actually found him another girl to go with, a very pretty girl that many complimented. Sophomore year, after an accident happened to me much like an accident happened to Sykosa, I convinced myself prom didn’t matter, that I wouldn’t go, but I’m so glad I did.

    The day after prom, Me and Matthew made love. It was both of our first times.

    So that’s my prom story. Justin, thanks for writing Sykosa. It was a wonderful story!
    Tiffany Cole recently posted..Q&A: Is it proper to ask a publisher for their style sheet?My Profile

  74. I hadn’t planned on going to my junior prom (lower case prom – lol) as my dad was very ill with cancer, but my friends and mom talked me in to it at the last minute and I ended up having to borrow a dress to go. (A dress that didn’t get returned to it’s owner until 20 years later!) It was an okay, but sad time as my dad ended up passing away that same month.

    My senior prom I actually got to buy my own dress for, and got up the nerve to ask a guy that I was friends with — but he already had asked someone from out of town. Embarrassment was when I was seated next to them at the pre-prom dinner! He was such a gentleman though, that I don’t think anyone ever knew that I had asked him to go.
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  75. I did not go to the prom with my dream guy. I was actually not going to go until my friends convinced me. So, at the last minute I asked a very handsome guy friend to accompany me and he obliged.
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  76. Funny Story:

    The handsome guy friend that agreed to go to prom with me did not have a driver’s license or a car. So,I let him “Chauffeur” me in mine. However, not only did he not have a license, he had no idea how to drive. He was turning left on red lights and making all sorts of dangerous traffic violations! My main concern became making it to the prom in one piece.
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  77. No I did not attend with my dream date. I was a good sport and took part in a grad draw and went with the contestant whose name was drawn. ☺
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  78. Tell us, did you go to your high school prom, and did you get to go with your dream guy/girl?
    Sadly, though I was dating a guy, I never got to go to the prom. His parents were Christian and our church denomination frowned on dancing.
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  79. Post an additional comment and tell us a funny or interesting story about your prom night.

    I ended up spending prom night with my when boyfriend at a song fest night. It took place once a month at the local Township Hall. Guitar playing, banjo’s, singing, piano. All those foot-stomping things every teenager wants to be part of with their parents and grand-parents. *snerk*

    Actually, we did have fun. I adored his parents. Even after we broke up because he was a total jerk, his parents stayed my friends. They told me often, I was way to good for their son! Sad, kind of, in retrospect.

  80. Interesting or funny to me was that my parents noticed that many of the girl’s formal dresses were a bit sexier than they had expected. Old Skool fashions were just beginning to include backless/braless styles. I designed and sewed my own dress but my mom insisted I wear a little jacket for grad ceremonies. Later a former high school teacher showed up to congratulate his class, he was wearing jeans! LOL to me it just seems kinda funny…
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  81. I asked a freshman to go to prom with me. I chose him because he was cute and I thought he would look good in my pictures. ;-)

  82. I actually had asked my best (male) friend when I was a freshman if he would take me to prom when the time came because I was terrified I wouldn’t be asked. Once my senior year rolled around, I had a friend (female) with no date and a freshman I wanted to ask. So, I begged my best friend to take my female friend and double with me and the freshman. He agreed, even flew in from out of state to do it and we all had a blast. We’re still great friends.

  83. I went to my prom with a group of my single friends. It was so much more fun without dates, because there was no boyfriend drama!
    Laura recently posted..I love TVMy Profile

  84. We didn’t have a Prom (we don’t in our country). But my school did take great pains to organise a dance before graduation. I skipped it because most of my friends skipped it. They decided it wasn’t for them. Now I kinda wish I’d gone! These things don’t happen every day. -_-
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  85. My high school didn’t exactly have a prom. We did have a formal supper thing shortly before graduation, which was kinda like a prom. However, we’re talking about a high school of 125 students total. Every party we had in high school was like a close knit divided into ‘cliques’ party. There was no mingling amoung the ‘classes’.

    To be clear, I’m not talking about a third world or anything I’m talking about a small Canadian town.

    So, I did go to the prom equivalent.

    I took the rebel. I even took the rebel from another town that no one knew, and no one knew what to expect from. I may have been a little bit of a ‘shit-disturber’ myself… I was never part of the popular crowd. I was bullied, and I was not cool. Worse, I was a logical anti-conformist. Did I mention that the rebel was also a minister’s son? Oh, and a goth minister’s son in a largely conservative/straight small town.

    Ooops? :P

    I have to try really hard not to channel my inner teenager here, but Sykosa was just sooooo good it makes me want to let her come out a little bit.

    Calamity ensued, and there was naked swimming in a community pool (which we had to scale a chain link/barb-wire fence). We ‘borrowed’ a ladder for that one. (We really did put it back in that random guy’s yard too.)

    That is pretty much all I remember from the night until we woke up under a full moon in a park under an oak tree. A bunch of us had made a fire at a camp site and danced to badly tuned/drunk singing people/guitars.

    There are reasons this is both a sad and a happy memory, but I’ll leave you to fill in the blanks for yourself.
    Naomi recently posted..Sykosa & two fish tied togetherMy Profile

  86. So, after the story (why am I always so backwards?), I did go to my ‘prom/un-prom’ but it wasn’t with my dream person.
    Naomi recently posted..Sykosa & two fish tied togetherMy Profile

  87. Our prom was on a cruise ship on the bay.

    I did not go.

  88. Stephanie

    I caught a horrible case of bronchitis and missed my prom and ended up in the ER.

  89. cynthia garcia

    Yes I went to my prom. I went with my son’s dad who I thought at the time was my dream guy. Pffft…teenagers. lol

  90. charla hinkle

    Yes I went to prom. No he wasn’t my dream date. My senior prom started ff terrible. Two weeks before it my boyfriebd and I broke up. I ended up snagging a friend to go with me at the last minute. I was suppossed to pick him up at 5. When I showed up he wasn’t even home from fishing yet. At 7 after we missed dinner reservations we finally were ready to leave his house. Went to prom. Got our picture taken and I came home by 9pm. Robert (my date) managed to go home with someone else by then and I didn’t care

  91. cynthia garcia

    my most memorable part of prom….the mansion that our prom was at had a huge opened courtyard and almost at the end of the night the whole senior class (well the class members that were still there) got together in the courtyard. We each had our own balloon with a slip of paper that we wrote on saying where we want to be in life in our future and released them. On the drove home we put the top down on the convertible (its may in California …pretty warm and I no longer cared what my hair looked like lol) and I saw some of the balloons floating in the air and it was that moment that I realized that everything (high school) was really coming to an end.

  92. Rachelle

    I went to my prom with a slightly older boy and not from my school. I asked him to go with me. He was a very nice man and went to alot of school stuff with me because I never had a date or boyfriend from my High School. I found the boys in my grade to be to chicken to ask me out afraid of what the terrifying big muscled older brother with the bad reputation would do, “cowards” ha! So I dressed to impress and had a ball dancing and laughing showing them all what they were missing, ;) (it wasn’t spiteful, really). Then my date and I hit a party for a little bit but left early do we could go parking…(remember those days, sigh). I still giggle thinking back and remembering some of the expressions on the faces of the boys…

  93. Molly Frenzel

    Did I go to prom with my dream guy? Ummm, no. I went to prom with the guy that I was dating at the time. Not seriously dating, at least I wasn’t serious. My dream guy didn’t exist for me at this point. At least, he certainly didn’t go to my high school.

  94. Congrats, Sara! chose you as the winner of an autographed copy of Sykosa. Please email to claim your prize :-D
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  95. Congrats, Shelly! chose you as the winner of a $100 Amazon gift card! Please email to claim your prize :-D
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  96. Knock, knock. Guess who won a Kindle Fire for writing the most riveting story? IT WAS YOU! Congrats :-D
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  97. What’s that dish that’s best served cold? LOL.

  98. Way to go! Sykosa thinks that damzel sounds a bit like the prissy Bitches at her school, especially that loser Mackenzie!!!!! Wait, she didn’t mean to take off like that… Thanks for sharing your story!

  99. You went to prom THREE times? And you went as a sophomore? Oh, Sykosa is so jealous! She’s going to go compose herself before anything anything further…

    She really wanted to go to prom as a sophomore!

  100. Sykosa will keep that in mind! No sitting photos!

  101. Sykosa wants you to be her mommy!

  102. If there was a “like” button when Sykosa was a teenager, she’d be liking this ten times over!

  103. Sykosa agrees! That’s so romantic! She hopes Tom takes care of her when she’s sick one day! But, hopefully, it’s the kind of sick where she can still have fun and enjoy it :P Actually, she just wants him to cook her breakfast in bed. Yeah! Just be healthy and happier and get served breakfast in her jammies!

  104. This is a cool story. There’s a television show called Veronica Mars where the characters did the same thing. They called it Alterna-prom or something like that!

  105. Sykosa understands, Kevin! She’s always worried that Tom is going to start dating a girl named Mackenzie and it drives her insane!

  106. What a cool, dude. Sykosa approves of this one!

  107. Sykosa thinks you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. He’s a “guy” for sleeping with you and leaving you, but he’s an asshole for rubbing it in your face!

  108. What a cool story! Sykosa definitely hopes that Prom has something special like this happen during it!

  109. Parents at Prom!?!?!?!?! Sykosa is mortified!

  110. You went to prom as a freshman?!?!?!?!?! Sykosa can’t believe this! She’s so jealous!

  111. Sykosa is glad the “dark ages” are slowly receding, and she supports going to Prom with the person you love most, whoever that person is!

  112. Cool parents! If Sykosa’s parents could chill like that, she’d let them go on a date with her! But, it’d be all awkward and strange and quiet! You know, one of those dinners where the silverware makes too much noise.

  113. HELL YES, IT’S PROM! And Sykosa intends to have a mega-night, no matter what! Nothing will get in her way. NOTHING!

  114. Yea, the nice thing about boys is that the jerks are easily disposable and the good ones always surprise you!

  115. Sykosa thinks this was really funny. And Tom better not do anything resembling it! ~_^

  116. Sounds wonderful! Sykosa loves love stories! ^_^

  117. Sounds glamorous! Sykosa is gonna check out this gloves thing that everyone’s talking about!

  118. Sykosa hopes you’re kidding about the blackness! That really suxs! However, she hopes you got to have a dress-up event sometime in your life, and if not, she suggests you organize one. People act like they don’t like it…until they’re doing it and they love it!

  119. Sykosa loves this idea! She’s way too chicken to try it, but she loves it!

  120. As Sykosa just whispered in my ear, “That’s some fairytale sh*t right there!” She’s so happy for you and she hopes Tom and her have a “special” moment after Prom, too!

  121. Sykosa thinks you needed Kevin Bacon to visit your school ^_^

  122. Sykosa really likes the camp fire part! She’s like to wake up under full moon with friends too!

  123. OMGZ, thank heavens you ended your story there, Sykosa was about to start balling tears over this balloon thing. Seriously, she was pouting like a dog and kind of shaking trying to hold it all in.

  124. Sykosa understands! She’s pretty crazy for Tom, but she knows Niko is secretly super-in-love with Leonardo DiCaprio and she sits around kissing the poster on her wall at night and dreaming up all the steamy vacations they’re going to on together! :P

  125. If anyone sees this, I really thought all your entries were great, and Sykosa had something to say about all of them, but unfortunately, my laptop battery does not have eternal life!

    If you really enjoyed Sykosa, I’d please ask you to share her with one (or 10) people who you know! Ultimately, tours and giveaways are fantastic, publicity is fun, blogs are exciting, but it’s good ole’ word of mouth that makes this work.

    You’re all really important here, and I hope you choose to bring Sykosa into another person’s life!


  126. Christy

    Lol- I’m sure anything Tom makes would be better than hospital food.

    And thanks, Francine – it was a terrible time in my life. But I’m glad I have some good memories of it.
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