At the Feet of the Master: A Review of James Patterson’s MasterClass on Writing

By Falcon Storm / First lines are important in writing, and a writing MasterClass is no different. So when you see James Patterson opens by saying, “Hi, I’m Stephen King,” you know you’re in for one
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How to launch a book for fifty bucks

By Pavarti K Tyler / There’s no doubt that money sells books. The more money you can spend, the wider your reach and the more success you’ll have. But can you do it without spending
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Write Faster, Write Better: How I Wrote 3,000 Words in an Hour with the Scaffolding Method

By Emlyn Chand / Are you stuck staring at a blank word processor? Do you find yourself playing on Facebook or Twitter during your precious writing time? Do you think about writing more than you
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Kindle Worlds:  An Excellent Opportunity for Aspiring & Established Writers Alike

By Emlyn Chand / I’m a huge fan of Amazon’s KDP platform and the many new and inventive ways they pioneer to support—and truly make the careers of—indie authors. Recently, I was invited to take part
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Author Meditation

6 Creative Ways to Cope with Negative Reviews: The Author’s Meditation

By Falcon Storm/ Let’s face it, sometimes being an author sucks. Sometimes it’s hard, lonely work. So what do we do when we get bad reviews or when someone obviously doesn’t understand our vision? Here are a
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Lessons Learned: My 10 Biggest Mistakes as a Self-Published Author

By Emlyn Chand (as Melissa Storm)/ Today’s post is all about why I decided to throw away an author brand I’d worked on developing for over four years, easily spending over $35,000 in the process. Why say goodbye
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