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By Falcon Storm/ One thing I constantly tell people is that what you post online is a reflection of who you are as a brand. As an author, it’s extremely important to come across as
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Lessons Learned: My 10 Biggest Mistakes as a Self-Published Author

By Emlyn Chand (as Melissa Storm)/ Today’s post is all about why I decided to throw away an author brand I’d worked on developing for over four years, easily spending over $35,000 in the process. Why say goodbye
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What You Need to Know about, the New Social Network that’s Taking the Publishing World by Storm

By Falcon Storm/ So, umm, what exactly is Tsu? Well, besides being a letter in the Japanese language, Tsu is a new social media network, which was created by Sebastian Sobczak as a way for
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Hey, Authors: You’re Doing Twitter Wrong!

By Emlyn Chand/ I grew sick of all the spam and abandoned Twitter what seems like a very long time ago. It was gradual at first. In my heyday, I could spend hours upon hours on
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Finally, an answer! Here’s the difference between line, copy, and content editing

By Pavarti K. Tyler/ The most memorable lines from movies have truth in them: Failure is not an option You can’t handle the truth And Gimme a whiskey, ginger ale on the side. And don’t be stingy,
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